Get rid of Fleas from your Cat

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Get Rid of Fleas From your Cat Fleas are tiny blood-sucking ectoparasites that hop on to your cat’s body and start feeding on the blood of your furry cat causing irritated skin skin infections anemia triggering itching in cats suffering from flea allergy dermatitis and tapeworm infestation if ingested while grooming. Once they infest your cat they grow in an exponential rate because each adult flea produces around 2000 eggs at a time. That is huge because these flea eggs fall off from the cat’s skin and infect the surroundings thus infecting the whole surrounding. Therefore it is very important to put a stop on these parasites before they take your peace and your cat’s health for a ride. 5 steps given below in the infographic will help you to treat fleas on your cat and in your house. 1. Treat Your Cat - There are many flea and tick treatments like bravecto Nexgard and Revolution that help you to remove and prevent flea infestations on your cat. So take your cat to a different place of the house and administer the spot-on or chewable. 2. Vacuum Clean – Clean every nook and corner where your cat has gone and the surroundings with a vacuum cleaner. This is the best way to break the flea cycle by getting rid of flea eggs and larvae present in the carpets beddings curtains and other places. 3. Wash The Fabric And Treat The Furniture- Your cat while playing may have shed flea eggs on the furniture and other fabrics that he/she might have gotten in contact with. So wash the fabrics with hot water spray pyrethrin sprays on furniture and carpets but always spray on an unobtrusive area first. Use a diluted pyrethrin solution to mop the hard surfaces like tiles and floorboards that you need to clean. Give adequate time for all surfaces to dry before you let your cat into disinfected rooms. 4. Comb Away The Dead Fleas- Use a flea comb and take out the flea dirt and dead fleas from the skin. It will make your cat feel lighter and avoid the ingestion of dead flea while grooming. 5. Keep A Check On Your Cat – This step is the most important one. While playing with your cat just spare some time and check the neck ears and groin for any existing fleas because those are the favorite spots of fleas. Hope this infographic helps you in terminating fleas from your cat’s body. Remember a vigilant parent always takes down the infestations in the initial stage before it troubles their pets. Reference:-

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