Urinary tract problem signs in your cat

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Problems that affect a cat's lower urinary system often prevent the bladder from emptying correctly or may even cause fatal blockage of the urethra, the tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body.Very often the culprit is Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)


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Urinary Tract Probl em Signs in your cat Cats tend to be highly susceptible to urinary issues leading to unusual and inappropriate urination. It is just frustrating to find the urine marking around the house and more frequently out of the litter box. Among the various conditions that felines suffer from urinary tract infection is the major one that puts them down. Due to some unexplained reasons or sudden health conditions your cat may experience difficulty in urinating. Many times their condition goes unnoticed as a cat owner you may not be well aware of the trailing signs that can help you decipher whether your kitty is suffering from a urinary infection or not. Therefore to keep your furry pal on the healthier note it is crucial that you get well acquainted with signs of urinary tract infection. Let us check the signs that indicate that your cat has urinary issues. Littering Around The House Marking around the house can be due to two major reasons – stress or environmental factor. Moreover it can be also due to a physical condition such as urinary tract problem including inflammation infection or blockage. However do not confuse cat spraying which is usually due to a behavioral problem with the cat suffering from urinary infection because the spraying posture differs from normal urination to the infection one. Frequent Urinating If you find that your cat is frequently squatting and trying to urinate but cannot produce any urine it depicts urinary tract problem. Straining and squatting repeatedly can indicate an issue in the urethra with partial or complete blockage. Presence of urinary stone or infection is quite painful and at times does require vet intervention. Sometimes it is also be mistaken as constipation - whichever case consulting a vet can help a lot. Lethargy Not Eating Odd Behavior Not taking proper meals unthriftiness and lack of playfulness adhered with some abnormal behavior are some of the signs reflecting about urinary tract issue. These signs can also be an indication for other health problems which should never go unnoticed. Excessive Licking Of Private Parts Cats usually try to lick their private parts after neutering or spraying. However they can even lick the private parts excessively to ease the pain in the area due to urinary tract problem. If

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the habit is a temporary case it does not pose any harm. The critical situation only arises when the problem lingers for a longer time. Sometimes constant licking can be part of an allergic reaction. Pain during Urination or Blood in Urine If you find that the kitty is howling crying or meowing excessively while urinating or wincing when it is being picked up then these are the clear signs about urinary infection and you need to immediately visit your vet. Blood passing in urine is also a cause of concern as it is one of the definite reasons of urinary tract issue in your cat. Being oblivion of your cat’s situation can put her in the grave danger and pulling her out it can leave you daunted. Thence to avoid the bitter consequences the better choice is to provide the best care. Reference:- https://wordpress.com/post/budgetpetworld.wordpress.com/347

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