2017 Women’s Travel Fest

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Alexandra Arrivillaga shares a presentation discussing the 2017 Women's Travel Fest.


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2017 Women’s Travel Fest

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Yes it’s about that time The Women’s Travel Fest is among us and you need to be there

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What is the Women’s Travel Fest

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In 2011 Women’s Travel Fest Founder Kelly Lewis was on location in Thailand for a press trip along with colleague Jerri Stephenson of Do It While You’re Young.

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At the time Lewis was connecting with a publication known as Go Girl Guides which continuously publishes travel guidebooks specifically for women.

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At that time both women came together and contemplated why a festival of such caliber had not been created before.

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However it wasn’t until 2013 when Kelly Lewis had successfully completed a cross-country book tour when the idea for a Women’s Festival began to come together.

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During her time on tour Lewis began to build a network with women of all ages -ranging from as young as 12 to the age of 82 who shared a common interest of travel safety.

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After the tour was completed Kelly Lewis move to New York City and connected with Masha Vapnitchnaia and Mickela Mallozzi. The three women came together and decided it was time for women to have their travel questions concerns and hopes addressed on a larger scale.

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Thus Women’s Travel Fest was born.

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Why Women’s Travel Fest

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Women’s Travel Fest offer a global sisterhood for women with a love of traveling and who wish to network with other women who share the same passion and celebratory nature for adventure.

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