BARSKA Biometric Safe

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BARSKA Biometric Safe


Highlighted Features Professional standard biometric access protection. Dual dead bolting door mechanism. Heavy duty yet transportable design. Can store up to thirty individual fingerprints. Registration for new users takes seconds. Supplied with all necessary components to secure to floors and furniture. Includes fourAA batteries. Includes two emergencies backup keys in case of failure or compromise.


BARSKA Biometric Safe   Pros Complete storage solution for valuables that can be installed securely or kept available for transport. Biometric design overrides any potential for observational code stealing.” Plenty of room for Plenty of room for high-value items and pistols/ammo. Easy to transport and can be fitted to any heavy duty surface or shelving unit. Long lasting battery life – usually 18 months plus . Cons Not fireproof. It is something those storing essential documents may wish to be aware of. Biometrics need to be kept clean for reliable performance. Smudges and dampness can affect performance. Weapons and heavy metallic objects will need to be holstered or otherwise secured to prevent the risk of denting.


FAQs BARSKA Biometric Safe   Is the lack of fireproofing a major issue? A: Many safes are advertised as being fire or heat resistant without being necessarily fire proof. It’s a factor that may influence some people yet be utterly inconsequential to others. Assess your personal requirements for the safe and take it from there. What happens when the battery dies? The safe won’t open! The BARSKA will offer a warning beep before the batteries expire. In the unlikely event of system failure or breakdown, two emergency keys are supplied for opening the safe.


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