Best Area Rugs for the Living Room

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Best Area Rugs for the Living Room Nothing quite pulls a room together like an area rug. Plus they are great at absorbing noise and protecting hardwoods. From placement to lifestyle there are so many aspects to consider when choosing a rug. With all the variations shopping for one is a true adventure. However there is one benefit to the sheer number of choices available – You’re bound to find one that meets your needs matches your style suits your space and comes in under budget. The answers to the common questions below can guide you during your search. What’s the Best Way to Coordinate an Area Rug with the Room Choosing an area rug design is the most difficult part of rug shopping because there are multiple ways to approach your decision-making depending on the look and mood you are trying to create. If you want to brighten up neutral-colored walls go for a rich-colored or patterned area rug to make a nice contrast. On the other hand keep the rug’s color subdued if there are already bold pieces in the room. You can also go the complimentary route by matching the rug’s color to a less prominent color in the room such as those Merlot red stripes on a throw pillow or the mint green on a gauzy curtain. Matching colors will unify the space. To achieve an ethereal look in a beige cream or white room find an area rug with a similar tone. How Should I Configure the Furniture Layout Before you can determine the ideal size rug for the room you have to consider the furniture that’s already in that room. Specifically you need to plan the furniture’s placement. In a living room there are three main ways to place furniture with a rug – all legs off all legs on or only the front legs on the area rug. However stick to a dining room rug that is big enough to accommodate all chairs when pushed in and pulled out from the table. For bedrooms every leg of the bed should be off or on the area rug. Other pieces of furniture can be placed off on or partially on the rug. As far as hallways foyers kitchens and bathrooms go get a rug with a shape that matches that of the floor space. What Size Area Rug Should I Buy The size you should choose directly depends on how much flooring you want to cover. If you’re not a fan of the worn laminate wood in your living room shoot for a rug that sits about 2 feet away from each wall. However if you want to show off that gorgeous Carrera marble tile you

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need a smaller area rug. If you find yourself stuck between two sizes always go for the bigger one. Are There Any Kid-Friendly Choices It may be hard to believe but you can still have a stylish area rug in your house that can stand up to the abuse of young spirited children. Low-pile is your best bet for high-traffic areas and any room in which your children spend a lot of time. It also helps to choose a material that can resist stains or is easy to clean. Synthetic wool and cotton are all excellent choices. Of course it’s easier to hide stains on colorful or patterned rugs than on light-colored monochrome ones. You should also invest in a rug pad. Usually made of latex or other synthetic material rug pads come in an array of thicknesses. They prevent the rug from slipping and becoming a hazard and these pads also reduce wear and tear on the rug while offering extra cushion under your feet. What Type of Rug Should Pet Owners Buy In many respects pets are like children – They both have the potential to wreak havoc on a home. This means that many of the same rug-selection guidelines that apply to children also apply to cats and dogs. Go for deep rich or bold colors. Additionally area rugs with stripes or small patterns are great at concealing spots and it’s easier to remove air from low-pile rugs as opposed to plush varieties. In terms of resistance against the stains and moisture that originate from animal vomit and urine synthetic material is the way to go. How Do I Clean and Care for an Area Rug From vacuuming to washing area rugs require regular care to maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan. To vacuum an area rug without tearing the fibers only use the vacuum’s attachments or a vacuum without a rolling brush. Spring for a trip to the cleaners once per year to wash the rug. In between professional cleanings dab and spot-clean spills. When you purchase a brand-new area rug it may have creases. Over time the creases should release but you can hasten the process by rolling it in the opposite direction of the crease. Foot traffic and sunlight can wash out a rug’s color. Try to place it somewhere out of the sunlight’s direct path through your windows and be sure to rotate the rug on a yearly basis. What’s the Best Way to Store an Area Rug If you’re packing for a move or you want to switch the rug out with one that gives a nod to a particular season or holiday you’ll need to put your area rug in storage. However you

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shouldn’t just carelessly toss it in a closet. Before you pack it away send the rug to the dry cleaner so dust dirt and dander won’t settle into the fibers while in storage. After your rug is spic and span roll the rug with the pile facing inward. While your first instinct may be too tightly wrapping the rug in clear plastic this covering may inadvertently trap moisture causing mold and mildew to grow on the rug. Instead opt for a wrapping of brown postal paper. Click here for Buy 10 x 12 Rugs Online

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