5 Tests That a Magento Website Developer Must


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If you are going to hire a Magento Website Designer, so test him by some questions, that he is good or not for designing your website.


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5 Tests That a Magento Website Developer Must Pass:

5 Tests That a Magento Website Developer Must Pass with

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Whether you are in the process of hiring your own Magento website developer, or have decided to get your e-commerce store developed by another firm, you must make sure that they are perfect for the job. These tests may help: Performance Assessment Personality Test Cognitive Ability Test Job-knowledge Test Situational Judgement Test

Performance Assessment :

Performance Assessment Give them a problem to solve, and see how they do it. For instance, you can ask them to prevent automated software from logging into your store. Those who take advantage of Magento’s Captcha functionality can be considered for subsequent assessments. The idea is to identify those who cannot do the job for which they are applying.

Personality Test :

Personality Test Focus on conscientiousness because other personality traits, such as extraversion and neuroticism, may not be that relevant if you are looking for a Magento developer. Find out if they pay attention to details, and prefer the ones who follow a schedule. Cognitive Ability Test When choosing among various Magento developers, you should look for someone who can deliver the best possible performance. For this, you must evaluate all the eligible candidates on the basis of general intelligence, and let go of those who fail the test.

Job-knowledge Test:

Job-knowledge Test You may train the chosen Magento website developer at regular intervals, but there are some things that he or she should already know, before being hired. If the candidates are experienced and have received some sort of training in the past, they are likely to have acquired sound technical knowledge over the years, and that’s exactly what you need to test. Situational Judgement Test Present the candidates with realistic hypothetical scenarios, and try to figure out what they plan to do. There may not be any wrong or right answers, but you can always evaluate the effectiveness of the approach followed.

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