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Little Stars - Child care centre near me -understand that it is not an easy decision Parents have to make when choosing a suitable Kindergarten in endeavour hills. It would be an over whelming experience with many unanswered questions. It is impossible to get a sense of an early learning centre from a brochure or website. Hence, we encourage you to make an appointment with our educators and visit our centre for a guided tour and experience the centre. For more information visit our website: mail-us at


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Little Stars Childcare & Kindergarten:

Your Child’s Companion For Early Learning Little Stars Childcare & Kindergarten

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Surveys have proven that the first five years of a child are very crucial. That is, the first five years are very important for a child’s physical, emotional and intellectual growth and development. In the era where everyone wants to work and be independent, it is difficult for the parents to take proper and necessary care of their child. We need to be very clever while selecting anything for our child. We need to be sure that the child’s age is always kept in mind while we are searching anything for the child.

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The most essential step which troubles the WORKING PARENTS is that they want their child be smart and he should develop well. For this reason, they look for a kindergarten. And this is the most difficult decision for them as they can’t risk their child’s future or development. They search that there are all the facilities available for their little ones.

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As we said, it is necessary for the child to learn different activities and develop well in their early age. This, not only helps the children in learning different things, but it also helps them in being much more active than any other child of their age. It is the child’s growth and development intellectually and the child’s growth physically that the parents want along with the child’s safety. So we ensure that all the parents are satisfied with our educators and care takers.

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We,Little Star Noble Park Early Learning Centre ensure that the care takers we hire, are fully dedicated towards the children and help them with everything they need while learning. Along with this, we ensure that the child learns different sports and other activities which not only keeps them active but also helps them in developing skills. We make sure that every child that enters our kindergarten, gains knowledge every day, gets involved in different activities and keeps developing.

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Learning about the place where the parents are sending their child to begin his life in, is very important. We know that it’s hard for the parents to trust anyone when it comes for their child’s safety. Be it the management or be it the teaching staff. So we give free entrance to the parents. We let the parent come and visit our place whenever they want and we ensure they get fully satisfied with our services and the way we manage our staff and help the children grow.

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Parents wants that their child grows and learn things in every field. That is, be it drawing, craft work, dancing, sports, singing, writing or anything else. The parents want their kid to excel in every program. So we help the children learn new things on a regular basis. As we have the kids for the whole day, we assign teachers in helping the kids in learning different activities. We ask the children to draw, to sing, to learn dancing and many more.

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Basically, we keep the children engaged in different activities for the whole day. And we assure that all the kids are very well attended. That is, we keep an eye on every child and make sure that they are provided with all the facilities. Child’s health is always the priority for parents. Parents wants that their childshould be at a place where there is cleanliness and they consume everything hygienic. So we make sure that there is cleanliness all around and the children are safe.

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Summary:- Parents want to give their children the best in all ways. Parents need to be very wise before selecting where are they going to get their child’s admission. They need to be sure that the place where their child is going, is good for the learning of their child and the teachers and the management is friendly. So, the parents need to select the best for their child with our Little Stars Noble Park Kindergarten .

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Little Stars Child Care & Kindergarten 82, Heatherton Road, Endeavour Hills, VIC – 3802 03 9708 0411 Contact Us

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