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Course Practical 201: Study of School Management - Management of Infrastructural resources in school. :

Course Practical 201: Study of School Management - Management of Infrastructural resources in school. Namita S. Sahare Asst. Professor Tilak College of Education, Pune

Objectives of Course 201 : To enable the student teacher to - :

Objectives of Course 201 : To enable the student teacher to - 1. Understand the concept of Management. 2. Understand the concept of quality and enlist the dimensions of quality. 3. Understand the need and importance of school accreditation. 4. Acquire knowledge regarding the concept and process of Human Resource Management in school. 5. Get acquainted with the essential infrastructural resources for quality management. 6. Identify the problems and its management in secondary and Higher secondary education. 7. Become familiar with different types of school boards in India. 8. Top understand administrative ser up of Government and function of supportive authorities.

201 Practical (Any One) :

201 Practical (Any One) Study of School Management- Management of Infrastructural resources in school. 2. Organize any Co-curricular activity in school and prepare a report on its management and Problems faced. 3. Prepare an awareness programme on various indiscipline problems faced in schools.

Theoretical base for course practical 201:

Theoretical base for course practical 201 Unit : II Managerial Practices : Human and Infrastructural Resources Unit 2.4 : Infrastructural facilities in secondary and higher secondary schools and also in High Excellent schools. Unit 2.5 : Quality Management of Infrastructural Resources. a) Creation b) Maintenance c) Optimum Use. Unit : III Management of Various problems at Secondary and Higher Secondary Level. 3. 2. Crowed classes.

Facilities :

Facilities Study Facilities Wi-Fi connectivity on entire campus with classrooms equipped with multimedia desktops and LCD monitors Computer laboratories for IT education and for students to explore topics taught State-of-the-art laboratories in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Digital Language Lab for Language Arts Open, spacious, and ventilated classrooms in a safe and secure ambience Multi-level teaching in the classroom Lush green lawns with several botanical plants A flexible, yet structured, curriculum that is environment and community service conscious, encouraging freedom of thought, expression and deed A senior and junior library that offers over 7,000 plus books on a wide range of subjects, 250 plus CDs, and 25 plus magazines for reference, knowledge and creation Well equipped music rooms with facilities for Indian and Western music. Lessons in Keyboard, Violin, Guitar, Tabla  and Sitar are facilitated Spacious art room for painting, clay modelling and sculpture Dance rooms to further facilitate holistic learning Reference:

Educating students with special needs:

Educating students with special needs S chool has an architectural adaptation for those students (elevator, entrance, transport), medical care, physical therapists and special education teachers Secondary school with over ------- students with special needs joint teaching and project work is organized with students from other classes to encourage individuality and creative potential for each student

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Sports Facilities 25 metre ,  swimming pool Athletic track for jogging and running Football field / Hockey field Hockey field Indoor and outdoor Basketball courts Volleyball and Throwball courts Table tennis Tennis and Squash courts Infirmary The Infirmary at Indus is a 10-bedded facility with a qualified and experienced Resident Nurse in attendance round-the-clock for first aid, primary medical and in-patient care. Reference:

Other facilities include: :

Other facilities include: The school has a tie up with a renowned hospital in Pune for referral and other treatments. An ambulance stands by on campus. The nurse assists in health education and arranges visits of staff and children to specialists when required. Arrangements are made for resident students to visit the city for dental and other treatment All buses are air conditioned with seat belts, fire extinguishers and emergency exit doors Separate Kitchen : In order to respect cultural sensitivities of our staff and students, there are separate vegetarian and non vegetarian kitchens Reference:




INTRODUCTION The main task of a school is to provide education which involves a series of programs and activities. The successful conduct of these programs and activities depends mainly upon the availability of proper infrastructure in the school.The term 'Physical Infrastructure' stands for the physical facilities of the school. It is referred to buildings, grounds, furniture and apparatus along with equipment essential for imparting education . A school should be set up in a suitable atmosphere. Its location has enormous significance. It must have plenty of space with shady trees around, far away from the noise of the crowded city and polluting atmosphere. There should be a calm and quit atmosphere which is conductive to teaching and learning. It should have space, utility and attractiveness. The school building should be attractive, have adequate lighting, comfortable seating, useful service facilities such as library, multipurpose rooms, functional playground, classrooms, chalk and bulletin boards, sinks, work areas, filing and storage space and lockers for pupils and teachers etc.


NEED AND IMPORTANCE A good school infrastructure, with renewed spaces, makes it possible for children and youths that live in remote areas to study and, in addition, tends to improve the attendance and interest of students and teachers in learning. For this same reason, investments in school infrastructure have an essential role in solving access problems of students to the school system and to improve their performance . A review of the most recent literature indicates that investments to improve school infrastructure has effects on the educational quality at least in the following three dimensions : Attendance and Completion of Academic Cycles . According to UNESCO, the school drop-out rate is 17 percent, and greater in rural areas. Several studies have found that the physical conditions of school buildings positively affects school completion and cycle completion rates, and increases registration.


NEED AND IMPORTANCE CONTD… Teacher M otivation . Evidence indicates that teachers in schools with good infrastructure have, on average, 10 percent less absenteeism  than teachers in schools with deficient infrastructure. In fact, the study found that infrastructure had a greater effect reducing absenteeism than teacher salaries or the effect of the administrative tolerance for absences. Learning Results . Studies carried out found positive results which are statistically significant between school infrastructure and standardized tests to measure learning processes in many parts of the country. With lower student socio-economic levels, the results were higher.


SCHOOL BUILDING The quality of school buildings is critically important in the drive for improving education . Following points needs to be considered before constructing a school building: A school environment does not meet the basic safety requirements if learners are exposed to extremely unsafe building structures that could collapse on top of the learners . Primary schools should not be located in multistory buildings . Sufficient ground should be available for the erection of school buildings and this must be indicated on the relevant layout plan of the school . Every school site, including school outbuildings and sporting fields, should be surrounded by appropriate fencing to a height of at least 1.8m .


SCHOOL BUILDING & SECURITY MEASURE School buildings should be provided with some form of security measure, such as the following: All ground-floor buildings and other areas built at ground level that are accessed by learners and educators should at least be provided with burglar proofing. Every school should have an arrangement pertaining to a security guard. An alarm system, in addition to burglar proofing and a security guard arrangement is advisable, and will exceed the minimum security requirements. School buildings and other school facilities will conform to all laws relating to fire protection. At least one electrical power outlet should be available for every 10m 2 of building area. Every school shall have suitable playgrounds for games and sports. The site should contain sufficient clear space for the purpose.

Shape of a school building:

Shape of a school building Shape of the School Building: Now-a-days school buildings are built with a purpose to attract students and parents. School buildings can be of different shapes such as L, H, Y, O, F, U, V .

A case study of School Infrastructure:

A case study of School Infrastructure Lonkar Madhyamik Vidyalaya (LMV) building is of U shape and in front portion trees are planted. It is a five storey building. Age of the School Building: Lonkar Madhyamik Vidyalaya was founded on 10 th June 1967. On 29 th April, 2015 a new building of the school was inaugurated by honorable Mr. Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar . Area of the School: The area of the school is very vast. There are 26 classrooms in the school.


PLAYGROUND School is incomplete without a playground. Sports and play are considered as fundamental need for children’s education. P.T. activity and games cannot be played if there is no playground. For e.g. games like football, volleyball, basketball, Kho-Kho, etc. are played on a playground . Now-a-days, most of the schools run without playground which intercepts the overall development of the students, as the playgrounds are mostly in other schools that are part of that school or far away from the school . In LMV school building, there is large space for students where the daily morning prayer takes place and they learn many things there, though it is not enough to play outdoor games. For such games, the students have to visit another school of LMV in Wadgaon Sheri, Pune.


OTHER INFRASTRUCTURAL RESOURCES Lonkar Madhyamik Vidyalaya have various infrastructure facilities listed below ICT Department/Room CCTV Camera Water Filter Meeting Hall Multipurpose Hall Big and spacious ventilated classrooms Furniture in good condition Control Room Light supply room Washrooms E-learning Room Library Science Laboratory Ladies Teacher Staffroom Male Teacher Staffroom Head Master’s Room Administration Room Supervisor’s Room


Library Administration Room Washroom CCTV Camera Fire Extinguisher ICT Room SOME INFRASTRUCTURAL RESOURCES Principal’s Room


Playground Multipurpose Hall SOME INFRASTRUCTURAL RESOURCES Mini Science Centre E-learning Hall


INFRASTRUCTURAL RESOURCES FOR SCHOOL STAFF Staff Room In LMV there are two staff rooms, one for female teachers and other is for male teachers. There are locker facilities available for teachers in both staff rooms. Also, there are 2 fans, 3 tube lights, 1 long table and some chairs where teachers sit, do their preparation work, Sharing and exchanging information amongst them and to take breaks. Meeting Room The meeting room is next to Head Master’s room. It is equipped with a Projector, 50 chairs, some tables and a sound system. Washrooms There are separate washrooms for males and females teaching and non-teaching staff.


INFRASTRUCTURAL RESOURCES FOR SCHOOL STAFF CONTD… Head Master Room The head master’s room is equipped with a TV where principal can continuously observe the activity going on and in the school premises. It also includes cupboards to keep important files and documents. There are 8 chairs and a table where a beautiful idol of Godesss Saraswati is kept. Apart from that there are showcases where trophies and certificates are kept. It also has a notice board. Supervisor’s Room In this room there are two cupboards, a black board and a computer. It is a very well furnished room.


INFRASTRUCTURAL RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS Classrooms The classrooms are big enough to equip more than 50 students. Each classroom is equipped with a big green black board. All the classrooms are very well ventilated. There’s a table and a chair for teachers and a dustbin is also kept in every classroom ICT Room Students of 11 th and 12 th class take advantage of this room. There are 30 computers in the ICT room and it is very well furnished as well. E-Learning Room In this room there’s a projector, sound system, CPU where the chapters of each Std. from V to X are loaded. It also contains educational games, tests, exercises after completion of each chapter. Science Laboratory The laboratory is well equipped with working table, demonstration table with cupboards, shelves for keeping chemical reagent, wall blackboard, almirahs , lab equipment. The area is such that around 40 students can accommodate at one time.


INFRASTRUCTURAL RESOURCES FOR CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS Multipurpose Hall There are 2 entry gates for the hall. There’s a sound system, projector, mike, lights, fans in the hall. This hall can be used for PTA or Science Exhibition. The hall is big enough to accommodate all students, teaching and non teaching staff. It also has a dais. Control Room This room takes care of any disaster and a security guard always sits behind or near it. Light Supply Room A light supply room is there on the basement and a security guard always sits outside that room. Water Purifier A water purifier is there in the school for all students, teaching and non teaching staff.


INFRASTRUCTURAL RESOURCES RELATED TO HEALTH: CLEANLINESS, VENTILATION AND LIGHT Washrooms There are separate washrooms for male teaching, non teaching staff and boys and for female teaching, non teaching and girls. For cleanliness a group of students from different divisions collects waste from each class after recess. For ventilation and light, there is electric supply, large window and open corridor space from where ample amount of air and sunlight comes in. The whole school building and colors of classrooms are light which helps to keep the environment light and bright.


MAINTENANCE AND OPTIMUM USE OF ALL INFRASTRUCTURAL FACILITIES Various government policies and rules are followed by the management of the school To arrange for site and building inspections on annual basis To maintain the school building internally and externally in the required manner so that it meets the requirements of educational occupational safety and health. To look into and arrange for urgent and unexpected repair works without delaying any further. To arrange for the maintenance of all important services. To manage the maintenance requirements of the school within its annually defined budget. Funds invested during the creation and maintenance phases must be given its core value by ensuring optimum utilization of infrastructural resources in schools. If the resources are not utilized fairly then the management must find out the reasons for the same and arrange counselling sessions and meeting.


PROVISIONS AND EQUIPMENTS FOR DISASTER MANAGEMENT IN THE SCHOOL PREMISES There’s a control room on the ground floor to take care of any disaster. Also a fire equipment is installed on each floor of the school building. Other Infrastructural Resource – Library There is a library on the 1 st floor of the school. There are @ 3000 books and subscription for 10 Magazines and 5 journals available. Dictionaries for Marathi, Hindi, English is available Encyclopedias are available. Seating arrangement for reading is optimally available. It also has a newspaper section in it.


SUGGESTIONS AND EDUCATIONAL IMPLICATIONS Suggestions: The Lonkar school has good infrastructural facilities. The only thing missing is a playground. However it is fulfilled by the large space in the basement. Also the e-learning room should be used by maximum teachers. Educational Implications: This study was very useful as it gave an idea about how a school functions. Acknowledgment: I’m thankful to Shri . Ladke sir, Principal of Lonkar school and our Principal Dr.. Inamdar and our Prof. Namita Sahare , Tilak College of Education who gave me the opportunity and the valuable guidance to study the school management – Management of Infrastructural Resources in School.

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