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If you are faced with the need for verbal interpretation, even of fast-paced speeches or dialogue, call Akorbi for simultaneous interpretations; we can provide you with a qualified interpreter even at a moment’s notice. Our simultaneous interpreters have extensive experience, satisfactory references, and the competency required to deliver your important messages to the intended party.Because of the importance of speed and accuracy in simultaneous interpretations, these interpreters are usually more experienced. Simultaneous interpretations are most appropriate for events in which the idea needs to be transmitted in a new language as quickly as possible. It is perfect for TV broadcasts, conferences (U.N., government, business), or documentaries, where it is necessary not only to change the spoken language but to preserve the source’s communication through body gestures and emotion.


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MULTILINGUAL STAFFING SOLUTIONS As corporations expand overseas or explore multicultural domestic markets, corporate procurement needs become more cost conscious and more complex. Akorbi understands its clients’ challenges to meet these needs. Large corporations are complex organizations with staffing needs across disciplines and across the globe.


THE HISTORY OF AKORBI In 2003, Akorbi’s CEO, Claudia Mirza, evaluated the market and realized there was a need for linguistic services that were backed by a solid business infrastructure and a customer-driven approach. So, she launched a translation business that leveraged technology and developed business processes that simplified the system, reduced costs and increased speed-to-market.


WEBSITE LOCALIZATION Akorbi’s experts e ve a deep understanding of international cultures and languages. Our in-country localization staff reviews the language and style of each document with careful attention to cultural and language nuances. They ensure your documents are completely valid and accurate for each geographic market. 3


WORKING AT AKORBI If you’re looking for an exciting career opportunity, consider joining our team of more than 300 professionals around the world. Outstanding benefits that include: Medical, retirement, long-term and short-term disability. A diverse client base that includes: Fortune 500 companies, technology start-ups and public sector organizations. A compassionate and professional team with a passion for philanthropy.


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