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Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd provide 45 days internship program of Digital Marketing in Indore. Our internship program is considered as one of the best internship program in the field of digital marketing. we also provide placement assistant for every student joining our digital marketing internship program. Certification of successfully completion will also be given to every students.


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ABOUT INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Digital Marketing became the new way to promote your business on a platform like facebook Instagram twitter etc. “Digital Marketing” the key of success for every Business. This program will help you to guide about the real world Digital Marketing and help you to strengthen your theoretical knowledge of Digital Marketing into a Practical work. No Need to Worry About your Boss in Office Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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Why should we join We Stand amongst the best with one of the best team of Digital Marketing. ➔ Confidence Will Build confidence to face interviews and help you to stand-out of the crowd. ➔ Work Standard Will improve your work standard get help you to level up. ➔ Certification This is a certified program which will help you strengthen your resume and help you to get into good MNC’s. Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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Who should join this Internship Program ● Graduates from any stream Engineering MBA etc. ● Digital Marketing Professionals desiring to enhance their knowledge. ● Marketing Professionals wanting to add digital marketing to their portfolio. ● Business owners who wants to capitalize on the opportunities in this Domain. ● Entrepreneurs using digital marketing to improve their business performance. Tip Any one who is willing to learn new things and eager to know can join. Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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THROUGHOUT-INTERNSHIP 1. Awareness About Working Culture. 2. Project Management. 3. Strategy Planning. 4. Strategy Execution. 5. Growth Tracking. 6. Guaranteed Career Growth. 7. Placement Assistant. 8. Professional Certificate. Tip Remember. If something sounds like common sense people will ignore it. Highlight what is unexpected about your topic. Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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1. Awareness About Working Culture. Tip Knowing about the standard of working culture before taking a start for a new organisation helps you to prepare yourself for new environment and improve your result for every project you handle. Many people have entwine their personal cultural history and integrated components of their heritage into their daily lives. In this program you will be thought about how to adopt the culture of new company when you are switching or starting your first job in a Digital Marketing company. You will be acknowledged about the following points… 1. Cultural Perspectives Influence. 2. Effects on Company Morale. 3. Potential Legal Ramifications. 4. Cultural Awareness Policies. Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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2. Project Management Project management is the application of methods skills processes experience and knowledge to achieve the project objectives. The main component of Project Management are …. ● Entitle reasons why project is necessary. ● Specifying Project Requirement and estimating timescales and resources. ● Prepare a Business case to validate the investment. ● Secure corporate agreements and funds. ● Develop and implement a plan for the project. ● Motivate your project delivery team. ● Manage the change issue and risk on the project. ● Monitor progress against your predefined plan. ● Manage the budget of the project. ● Close your project in controlled fashion when necessary. . Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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3.Strategy Planning Before starting any project it is very important to have a full plan ready keeping every aspects related to the project in mind. Points to keep in mind while planning… ● Mission ● Values ● Vision ● Competitive advantages ● Organise wide strategies ● Long term objectives ● Forcast Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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4.Strategy Execution Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd. Strategy execution step by step process… 1. Visualize your strategy 2. Measure your strategy 3. Report progress 4. Make decisions 5. Identify the strategy projects 6. Align the strategy projects 7. Manage projects 8. Communicate strategy 9. Align individual roles 10. Reward performance

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5.Growth Tracking Keep the records of your weekly work and check it against your predetermined target. Enhance your work every next week with the previous report.

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6.Guaranteed Career Growth Internship Program Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd is not only program to just provide the theoretical knowledge but it also helps you to grow practically and manage your work and lifestyle. This program will also help you to attain new level of confidence while moving in a new organisation/currently working in any organisation to tackle all the project management skills. This internship program helps you to distinguish yourself from the other fellows of your organisation and Shine your portfolio. Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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7.Placement Assistant Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd. will help to guide for the placement in MNC’s by its unique methodology you will be easily able to crack the interviews of every MNC’s easily. Every student Paravidhi will be asign their own assistant during the placement session. He/She will be given a proper placement training in the internship program before facing the interviews of any company so that all the interview-phobia can be removed from every students. Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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8. Professional certification Certification Criteria ❖ Assignments will be given and progress will be monitored. ❖ Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd to issue the certificate of successful completion of assignments and course. ❖ For Google Adwords and other certificates we will help you with our study materials to successfully clear the exam and get certified.

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To Apply for the internship program visit the link below. Contact Us +919111333444 +91 91113-33444 ● +91 91113-3344 Paravidhi Pvt. Ltd.

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