Different Types of Airport Parking


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Airport Parking is very essential for every traveler who travels through airplanes for long or short time. But before taking an airport car parking service, everyone should know the types of airport parking, because it helps him or her to choose the appropriate parking type that suits according to him or her requirements.


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Learn Different Types of Airport Parking:

Learn Different Types of Airport Parking

Short Term Parking:

Short Term Parking Short Term Parking   basically  means   Daily Parking . The highest rates are charged for short term  parking as turn over is usually quite quick with people picking up and dropping off travelers.

Long Term Parking:

Long Term Parking Long Term P arking is also called Satellite P arking . It is usually quite far from the airport buildings. You will have to take a shuttle to the terminal. Rates are considerably cheaper than   short term or daily parking.

Valet Parking:

Valet Parking Valet Parking is also known as Meet and Greet Parking . You can take this service when you are in a rush and have no enough time to wait for the shuttle service to the terminal . you just need to handover the charge of your car to the man , called Valet , who will safely park your car. 

On Site Parking:

On Site Parking On Site Parking means On Street Parking . In this case you have to park your vehicle on the street, anywhere on or along the curb of streets. On site airport parking spaces are located next to or close to the airport terminals .

Park and Ride Parking:

Park and Ride Parking Park and Ride involves driving to the secure car park yourself. After arriving to the airport you park your car and take a shuttle to the terminal building. It is different to Meet and Greet parking. This option is typically cheaper than other car park services and products. 

Economy Parking:

Economy Parking Economy Parking  is the most economic option for long-term parking . If you are planning to park your car for a extended period of time, then the Economy Parking is the best option.

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