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The virtualMe FrameworkOverview : 

The virtualMe Framework Overview In face to face teaching and learning, information is gathered and knowledge is socially constructed by both teacher and learner. The central question for this research is: 'In a teaching and learning environment, can a framework be developed to acquire, manage and distribute information and knowledge, while maintaining its context using computer based technologies?' This PowerPoint presents an overview of a prototype system developed as a 'proof of concept' for such a framework. Click on the speaker icon and I will chat to you! Michael Verhaart

What is the virtualMe framework?: 

What is the virtualMe framework? Knowledge is 'what we know' and as such is centred on an individual. To be able to manage context the framework needs to be focused on an individual and so was termed The virtualMe The framework requirements .. 1. To emphasis the individual, Personalization features 2. To organise content (to provide context) Appropriate content structure Appropriate content size 3. To manage a variety of media (as not all information/knowledge is textual), and to provide context Consistent model to manage media artefacts 4. To acquire information /knowledge from visitors Integrated annotation system

The virtualMe’s architecture: 

The virtualMe’s architecture 2. Organise content topic list Content view 4. Acquire info/knowledge from visitors 1. virtualMe Personalisation My image Personal image 3. Media reference image image

1. Personalisation: 

1. Personalisation 4. Messages from vMe (discussion connection - out of context) 1. virtualMe Personalisation My image (personal connection) Personal image (social connection) Knowledge is 'what we know' and as such is centered on an individual. Hence, Centered on vMe (is the moderator) Content is the information and knowledge of the vMe Visitors need to feel they are communicating with the vMe Visitors need capability to personalise (eg. Colour scheme, photo) 2. Content (vMe information andamp; knowledge)

2. Organising content: 

To capture information and knowledge in context requires that the content is organised. virtualMe is a collection of Sniplets organised in a Tree structure These Sniplets can be Annotated (maintaining context) A Sniplet can be used in many places 2. Organising content View OHT (presentation) Sniplet A piece of content that can be displayed on one OHT View Page (study) Combined (hardcopy) 4. Acquire information/ knowledge from visitors (in context) Wiki (copy that the visitor can change)

3. Keeping the context of media: 

3. Keeping the context of media When working with media on the internet, whether images, sound, animation, video or documents, context is often lost, such as, when copying. Allowing multiple representations (e.g. a text description) grouped in a package will help keep context. In virtualMe this is called a Multimedia object (MMO) and every media element in the virtualMe is represented by an MMO.

3.1 Keeping the context of media(describing the media): 

3.1 Keeping the context of media (describing the media) To have a context, each media package (MMO) needs to be described. A special file (called MVML*) is attached to: Describe the media element (the Meta-data). Manage the collection, Allow the media to be annotated, and Be able to automatically generate some useful descriptions (including): Captions for images Text translations for audio, video Plus some descriptions that can be used in other systems APA (for references) vCard for address books *MVML = Media Vocabulary Markup Language

3.2 Sniplet/MMO examples: 

3.2 Sniplet/MMO examples References Content is often derived from research. This may be from sources such as: a web page, a book extract, journal, a newspaper. In order to attribute the content we need to generate some reference information. IAn MMO for the source would allow us to extract much useful information quickly and easily. For example, author contact details or an APA reference. Personal Contact (Address) book The MMO will also allow us to create a media rich personal contacts list, where not only a business card is kept, but photo and maybe a CV. MMOs could be shared between address books Online examples As sniplets can be displayed in many places, I have created a menu item 'virtualMe examples'. Feel free to look through these as they are sniplets showing other media types that use the MMO. Business Card Multiple references in a sniplet MMO with Image and sound MMO with tutorial video MMO with image and PowerPoint

4. Acquiring information/knowledge from visitors: 

4. Acquiring information/ knowledge from visitors A primary goal of the framework is 'can information and knowledge be captured in context'. This leads to creating a structure that allows the virtualMe and visitors to communicate in the system, by adding annotations or messages. View Annotations can be From vMe to everyone From users to everyone From vMe to you Personal Out of context annotations are added to the framework but are not directly attached to content (such as a message to all users). In context annotations are attached to a sniplet or MMO. They can be directed to: Everyone, the virtualMe only or can be a personal note.

Concluding …: 

Concluding … The virtualMe is an information/knowledge framework set in a teaching and learning context. It is designed to investigate the acquisition of information and knowledge at source. It has four dimensions: 1. Personalisation, 2. Content (Sniplet), 3. Media (MMO/MVML) and 4. Annotations. Please fell free to use it at http://www.virtualMV.com . If you can, it would be really neat if you could help me out with my research. I have a survey that I would like you to fill in (you can get to in the sticky note on the first page, or there is a link in the menu system). You will need the survey code which is in the instructions on the first page. The virtualMe is an evolving framework and has potential to be extended well beyond where it is today, but it does allow me to research and test some of my ideas in a real and tangible way. Thank you for reading about my framework Michael

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