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View information on Medicare supplement insurance plans. The ins and outs of enrolling into supplemental insurance.


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Medicare Supplement Insurance:

Medicare Supplement Insurance Understanding open enrollment, network options, available plans, monthly premiums, and changing to a new supplemental plan Visit us at:

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment and Automatic Issue:

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment and Automatic Issue Six month open enrollment window includes 3 months before and after 65 th birthday Consumers enroll in Medicare Parts A & B Others enroll in Part B when losing employer group coverage after age 65 Also occurs when accepted into Medicare Disability in states like CA, FL , IL , MO, PA Not all states provide supplements to those on disability – such as OH, IN , AZ , and GA

Network Options: Doctors & Hospitals for Medicare Beneficiaries:

Network Options: Doctors & Hospitals for Medicare Beneficiaries Most supplements have no network restrictions for the insured – use any doctor If your doctor accepts Medicare patients, s/he will accept your supplement insurance Most private insurance plans are portable Supplements offer benefits in all 50 states “Select Plans” are only supplements with network restrictions for the insured

Available Medicare Supplements from Private Insurance Carriers:

Available Medicare Supplements from Private Insurance Carriers Ten modernized supplemental insurance plans to choose from (Compare Plans) Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M and N Plans G and F are most comprehensive All others provide varying amounts of coverage and benefits to the insured Plan F most popular as it fills in nearly all “gaps” in government run Medicare A & B High deductible Plan F also available

Monthly Premiums for Supplemental Insurance:

Monthly Premiums for Supplemental Insurance Premiums will vary from company to company for the same insurance plan Prices are usually locked in for 12 months After 1 year, prices will increase with each company no matter the type of coverage Issue age, attained age, and community rated policies all increase each year Rate increases are difficult to predict and will vary from year to year for in-force coverage

Changing Medicare Supplements:

Changing Medicare Supplements Consumers can change Medigap insurance plans at anytime during the year Most supplement insurance providers require medical underwriting in order to change after open enrollment – no physical Some states like Missouri and California have a yearly anniversary when consumers can switch to like coverage with no medical underwriting – Plan F to Plan F for example

Contact Us – Quotes and Info:

Contact Us – Quotes and Info We are a full service independent insurance agency offering supplements We offer Medicare supplement insurance direct to consumers from several carriers We represent Anthem, Assured Life, American Continental, Gerber, Family Life, Forethought, Mutual of Omaha, United Healthcare – AARP, and many others. Click Here for Quotes Today!

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