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Fujairah 40 years on A reading comprehension:

Fujairah 40 years on A reading comprehension

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As the UAE celebrate the 40 th anniversary of the Union , many expatriates living in Fujairah will make the best of their vacation time and enjoy the best of what the Emirate has to offer. But how much do we know of the history of the Emirate and what it was like in 1971, when the Union was announced? Most of us expatriates arrived here many years after that historic day, but some where here at that moment and experienced firsthand the old Fujairah and its subsequent transformation into the contemporary emirate complete with modern infrastructure, buildings and amenities . When the Union was first declared on the 2 nd of December 1971 , Fatima Behroozian, was a mere young bride from Iran, just arriving on her first visit to Fujairah.

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Fatima sat down with the Fujairah Observer to recall some of her first memories and impressions of Fujairah and the changes she witnessed over the years. Fujairah Observer : Why and how did you come to Fujairah at that particular time? Fatima Behroozian : I was married in August of 1971 and a month later moved to Dubai, where my husband was working at the time. A couple of months later my husband thought it was time to make , what was at the time, the long journey to Fujairah where he was born and where his family lives. FO: What do you remember of that journey and what where your first impressions of Fujairah at the time? FB: Well, everyone probably knows there were no proper roads at the time and the journey can only be made with a Land Rover . The route from Dubai to Al Dhaid was just sand dunes and from then on it was rocky and gravel tracks and the whole journey took about 6 – 7 hours . The Roads

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When we first entered Fujairah city, my husband said: “We’re here; this is Fujairah” to which I replied in amazement “This is Fujairah?” My husband used to go on about Fujairah and he loved the way it was just the way it was then. It was not what I expected at first hand with very few buildings or structures of any kind. Most houses were small and with only palm trunks on the roofs. Then we went in further and arrived at the beach and began to realize why Abdul Gharfour loved it so much; the simple and wild nature of the place was just beautiful. I am a nature person and straight away I fell in live with the nature of Fujairah, especially the sea and mountain areas which were full of wild life at the time. The beach was full of seagulls, crabs and tadpoles , among other things, and there were no ships or pollution ……….. It was special. Old Fujairah

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FO: How about the local people at the time; what was your first impression of them? FB: The city was sparsely populated at the time because most people still did not make the move to the city and were still living in their villages along the coast and in the mountainous areas. The few people we met were very respectful and kind and I was struck by that; it made an impression on me. FO: That was just a visit, you went back to Dubai. When did you move out here permanently ? FB: We built the family house in 1976, but continue to live in Dubai and later in London and did not take the decision to finally settle in Fujairah until 1986 when the Sheikh Hamad School was built and we thought it was time. We left our 14 year old daughter in London to continue her education there and have live here ever since. Buildings in Fujairah - 1971

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FO: You’ve had the opportunity to see the old Fujairah and how it has turned 40 years later ; what are your thoughts on things then and now? FB: When I first came here there was almost nothing, no infrastructure, buildings or services of any kind so as you can imagine we have come such a long way since and it is both inevitable and welcome. As an e nvironmentalist, however, I do have lots of concerns and feel very sad at how things had changed to the worst. The Fujairah I knew and loved was beautiful in its unique nature 40 years on I see all this pollution in the air and sea and how we’re destroying the mountains and it’s all just heartbreaking. Even the fishing methods have became too irresponsible and are harming the fish population and I see too many trees dying and removed and it goes on and on. As EI said, I’m happy to see all new development in the emirate such as malls and major projects (Oil Terminal ) which are important for the economy, but at what price? Buildings Fujairah 2010

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Reading Comprehension Multi Choice . Choose the best answer for each question. What is the main idea of this reading? Fujairah is becoming an increasingly safe place to live in. Fujairah is growing fast. Fujairah 40 years ago. Fujairah then and now. Before 1971 many people in Fujairah lived in: In small mud houses with palm tree roofs. In villas. In Skyscrapers. In the Fujairah fort. Which sentence about Fujairah is not true. Fujairah is growing fast. An oil terminal is being build there. Roads were very good in 1971. Hamad school was the first school in Fujairah. In the second paragraph, what does the word modern means? Old. A place. To see something. Something new in the present time. In the second paragraph Fatima use the following words: “I see all this pollution in the air and sea”, what does it mean? Our beaches are beautiful and clean. The air and the sea are full of pares and plastics. The people in Fujairah clean on I see all this pollution in the air and sea there houses every day.

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