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Personification : 

Personification A living chair!?

Definition of Personification : 

Definition of Personification Personification is giving human characteristics to something that is not human. Examples: --My computer hates me! --The rock screamed when the large man sat on it. --The cat smiled at me as I put her food in the bowl.

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SNOW Snow speaks to the people itsfalling above in the glooming sunlight.Its white sparkling voiceechoes as it falls throughthe air.

Where do you see personification in this poem? : 

Where do you see personification in this poem? Two Sunflowers Move in the Yellow Room. "Ah, William, we're weary of weather,"said the sunflowers, shining with dew."Our traveling habits have tired us.Can you give us a room with a view?" They arranged themselves at the windowand counted the steps of the sun,and they both took root in the carpetwhere the topaz tortoises run. William Blake(1757-1827)

Personification, Yes or no? : 

Personification, Yes or no? I smiled as the wind blew on my face. The wind massaged my face. I sighed as I sat on the chair. The chair sighed and groaned as I sat on it. The little dog laughed when he saw the cow jump over the moon. --The vacuum made a loud noise when the janitor was vacuuming. --The vacuum screamed like a banshee as the janitor vacuumed.

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