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Point of View : 

Point of View Who is seeing things in a story?

Narration : 

Narration Point of View is how a person tells a story, and who is seeing the story happen. The technical word for telling a story is NARRATION. There are 2 main points of view, or types of narration.

1st person point of view : 

1st person point of view Written with 1st person pronouns (I, me, We) and 1st person possessives (my, our) Makes reader feel more involved in story. Shows story from point of view of CHARACTER(s) in the story.

Example of First-Person : 

Example of First-Person When I looked in the eyes of Antiochus, I could see an evil deeper than a diamond mine. As I looked in his eyes, the Spirit of God welled up inside me, leading me to say, “Whoever is with God, follow me!” Which character’s point of view is this told from?

Third person : 

Third person Written with 3rd person pronouns (He, She, It, They) and possessives (His, Her, Its, Their) Narrator is not part of story, but is looking at story from outside. Told from the point of view of the narrator.

Example of Third Person : 

Example of Third Person When He looked at Antiochus, he was filled with an anger. His eyes burned like fire. He looked at the other Jewish countrymen in his group, and out of his anger said, “Whoever is with God, follow me!” After he spoke, the other Jewish people began to shout, “I will go! I will go!” Who is telling this story?

Autobiography : 

Autobiography A book or story about a person’s life, written by that person. Written in the first person point of view.

Biography : 

Biography A book or story about someone’s life, written by a NARRATOR. Written in the third person point of view.

Let’s Practice : 

Let’s Practice I grew up in Tennessee. It was always so hot and humid there. People were so nice to me, and I was always making new friends…. Biography or autobiography? What point of view is this written in?

Practice cont… : 

Practice cont… We always went to the store early in the morning. We could get the fresh cinnamon rolls from Mr. Eddington. He sometimes got mad when we tried to come in before seven hungry for cinnamon and sugar. But, when we talked to him and told jokes, he would get soft. Biography or autobiography? What point of view is this written in?

More Practice… : 

More Practice… Even though Johnny was an only child, he was never spoiled. His mom had to work seventy hours a week just to pay the bills. She would always tell him, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat!!” He still remembered this today…..

More…. : 

More…. He looked at me with a very strange look on his face. I wasn’t sure what to say since he didn’t speak my language. I just smiled and shook his hand, and he was excited that I wanted to be friends with him.

Had enough practice yet…. : 

Had enough practice yet…. Though she was a queen, she was one of the least happy women in all of Sheba. She decided that she would go talk to Solomon who is known for his wisdom….

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