Air conditioning installation cost Across South Australia

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Need some advice? Want to book a Service? Unsure what air conditioner is right for your home and you? Call our friendly office staff for an obligation free chat today! ​1300 135 852 or visit us Is it possible to install an air-conditioning system of your own? Well, it is if you are a qualified and licensed engineer to do so. In every other situation, you have to depend on professional installers.


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Air conditioning installation cost Across South Australia

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About the Business • Is it possible to install an air conditioning Adelaide system of your own Well it is if you are a qualified and licensed engineer to do so. • In every other situation you have to depend on professional installers. • The system is quite complex.

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About the Business • There are electrical parts a lot of electronic circuits and yes some civil work is also involved. • Hence the best way is to call an installation engineer. • Afterall you don’t want to take a chance on.

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– Call an installer who holds a Refrigeration and Air- conditioning license or a restricted license issued by the ARC Australian Refrigeration Council. – By now you must have understood why does an air- conditioning installation company charge so much It is a set of several complex activities. – Moreover the installation company has to spend a lot on acquiring the license.

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• You may be surprised to know the price being asked by the installation engineer because it is quite higher than what your neighbor paid sometime back. • Well it doesn’t work by simple arithmetic. Cost of installation varies depending on the choice of an air-conditioner

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• The system installed by your neighbor is quite simple. Moreover the size of the unit is small. Hence the installation cost was less. • In your case you have bought the most-advanced latest system. Also you have a split system. Therefore the installation charge is high. • Some installation services charge by per hour whereas some cost for the whole project.

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• Both methods have pros and cons. • In both cases the more complex the installation the costlier the job will be. • Is it a standalone system or a multistoried building where different floors have different levels of access If yes then the cost will be much higher in the latter situation.

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Calculating the costs • Let’s have some calculations. • Typically 60 dollars to 120 dollars are charged per hour for domestic installation. • The cost doesn’t include GST. • Domestic installation is a little inexpensive than commercial installations.

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• The total installation cost ranges between 500 dollars and 1000 dollars. • It is always better not to cut corners while hiring an installation partner. • Installation of an air-conditioning system is a complex and specialized task When you hire the company make sure you get value for money.

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• A company that carries a rich experience of installing air-conditioners in homes offices factories and hotels would be ideal. • Since it has handled diverse scenarios you get excellent services. • Search the internet and find out the best installer

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