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“AEON MANAGEMENT INC” as the name describes, “An indefinite very long period of time”, we at AEON MANAGEMENT ensure that your infinite period of taking a break from the stressful life was worth waiting for the blissful experience. We manage your vacation plans. “AEON MANAGEMENT INC” is an flexible vacation ownership company, which makes one own their dream destination resort through value for money memberships.


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Manali Winter Carnival The Manali Winter Carnival is Himachal Pradesh's way of welcoming the new year. It started in 1977 and had become an annual feature since then. Held in January, the Winter Carnival in Manali opens an opportunity to witness the beauty of slushy snow and enjoy the events and celebrations that it puts forth. Initially, it only comprised of the Skiing competition, but now it has come to include band performances, food festivals, street plays, folk dances, adventure sports and much more .

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Manali Winter Carnival Dates  The dates of Manali Winter Carnival are not according to a religious calendar but are decided by the organising committee. The Manali Winter Carnival 2019 is finalised to be held for six days from 2nd January 2019 to 6th January 2019.   Winter Carnival in Manali - Venue 

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Manali Winter Carnival is celebrated in the Manali town of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Adding to the beauty of the hill station, which already makes the venue a major tourist destination in India, Manali Winter Carnival attracts even foreign tourists to the venue. Events & Celebrations at the Manali Winter Carnival

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