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“AEON MANAGEMENT INC” as the name describes, “An indefinite very long period of time”, we at AEON MANAGEMENT ensure that your infinite period of taking a break from the stressful life was worth waiting for the blissful experience. We manage your vacation plans. “AEON MANAGEMENT INC” is an flexible vacation ownership company, which makes one own their dream destination resort through value for money memberships.


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Aeon Management Inc Chennai:

Aeon Management Inc Chennai


Narnaul The historic town of Narnaul in Mahendergarh district of  Haryana  claims to be one of the important seats of the Dwapar yuga of Mahabharata .

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Claiming a hybrid architectural influences of Mughals , Rajputs , Persians and the British, Narnaul is famous for its many tombs and historical sites that date back to the Mughal and Rajput era, followed by the rule of Prince of  Jaipur  and Patiala.

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Also famous as Birbal's birthplace who was one of the Ministers or Navratnas in Akbar's Court, Narnaul is the birthplace of Sher Shah Suri , the Afghan king who shook the foundations of the Mughal dynasty. 



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