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Graduated Compression Stockings Video for Ames Walker Hosiery Created by Advids, Ames Walker has greatest selection and best prices of their own line of graduated compression products, as well as their other leading brands. Our Process: We work in a collaborative and agile manner. While working with clients we ensure to listen their views, opinions and thoughts. This enables us to deliver excellent quality explainer video. Link for detailed process of explainer video production: Email US at to discuss videos. Call US: 866-448-3073 Our Service Features: Making of FADEL Video:


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slide 2:

Storyboard for AmesWalker Video

slide 3:

Object enters from right. sfx: button click sound Scene number Sound effects if any Instructions for animation Voice over Arrows for instruction only Will not be seen in the animated output Format for the following Storyboard Scene 1 VO: Wouldn’t it be awesome if Math was simple and easy to understand

slide 4:

Support Hose TOS “Support Hose” appears on screen…it gets replaced by the TOS “Compression Stockings” Scene 1 VO: What do you think of when you hear the words “support hose” or “compression stockings”

slide 5:

Compression Stockings Scene 1

slide 6:

Compression Stockings Scene 1 transition

slide 7:

Scene 2 The screen folds away to reveal a black and white scene of an old woman 60-70yrs of age struggling to pull up compression stocking on her foot. The stockings look thick a little worn out and very ungainly. VO: Y ou probably think of the unsightly hose that your grandmother used to wear…

slide 8:

transition Scene 2

slide 9:

“Good News”…the screen fills up with color Scene 3 Good News VO: Good News Things have improved drastically since then and compression hosiery are no longer the ugly old hose of the past

slide 10:

The old hose/compression stocking on screen morphs into the new style of compression stocking on a beautiful woman Scene 3

slide 11:

Scene 3

slide 12:

Scene 3

slide 13:

Scene 3

slide 14:

Scene 3 transition..zoom in...lady goes away

slide 15:

Scene 4 Show screen split illustrations of men and women wearing compression stockings and looking dapper and uber cool. VO: Today compression stockings and socks are some of the most stylish products on the market

slide 16:

Scene 5 typo animates beside them VO: and benefit everyone who wears them Benefit Everyone Who Wears Them

slide 17:

Benefit Everyone Who Wears Them Scene 5 transition

slide 18:

Scene 6 An year counter at the screen top counts up from 2000 to 2016. Below an actual product image of a compression stocking shows up. TOS “More Sheer. More Durable. More Effective.” VO: Advancement in medical textile technologies has allowed for products to be more sheer more durable and more effective in everyday use. 2 0 1 5 6 More Sheer More Durable More Effective

slide 19:

Scene 7 Screen clears and TOS “How does compression work” VO: How does graduated compression work How does compression work

slide 20:

How does compression work Scene 8 It moves to the top of the screen. Below a visual of a woman and a man’s legs. VO: The concept behind compression is simple

slide 21:

How does compression work Scene 9 Show the compression stockings appearing on the legs. VO: and it results from the application of an elastic garment around the leg that exerts controlled

slide 22:

How does compression work Scene 10 Show arrows or spirals moving from bottom of leg to the top. VO: graduated pressure to help blood flow and circulation against the pull of gravity.

slide 23:

How does compression work Scene 10 transition

slide 24:

Scene 11 illustrations of multiple people male and female different age groups from 18-50yrs wearing compression stockings and smiling at the camera and showing thumbs-up signs. VO: Graduated Compression stockings are great tools for keeping your legs healthy

slide 25:

Everyone Can Benefit By Wearing Them Scene 12 Scene zooms out...typo animates above VO: and nearly everyone can benefit by wearing them.

slide 26:

Scene 12 transition

slide 27:

Leg Fatigue Swelling Fluid build-up because of Lymphedema Pregnancy Vascular Disease DVT Varicose Veins Spider Veins Scene 131415 16 typos appear as a bullet list with a checkmark against them. VO: Wearing compression can help to prevent leg fatigue swelling or fluid build up in the feet and ankles caused by sitting or standing for long periods of time lymphedema pregnancy and vascular diseaseDVT as well as Varicose veins and Spider Veins.

slide 28:

Scene 17 a male dressed in business attire with a laptop bag at an airport. VO: Wearing compression stockings can greatly improve the health for individuals who travel a lot

slide 29:

Scene 18 Other splits appear that show a truck driver at the wheel of a truck a hair dresser working and/or a factory worker operating a machine… VO: sit or stand for extended periods of time or generally have tired achy legs at the end of the day.

slide 30:

Scene 19 The splits combine and the visual changes to an athlete sitting in a locker room freshly out of the shower with compression stockings on and a relaxed expression on his face. VO: Even athletes use them today to improve performance and speed up recovery after intense physical activity.

slide 31:

Scene 19 transition

slide 32:

Scene 20 Typo on new screen – “Best place to buy compression stockings” VO: Where is the best place to buy compression stockings Best place to buy compression stockings

slide 33:

Scene 21 Money and Medical store icons below TOS with red crosses on it. VO: Don’t spend too much time and money at your local medical supply store… Best place to buy compression stockings

slide 34:

Scene 21 transition Best place to buy compression stockings

slide 35:

Scene 22 AmesWalker logo and URL animates below. Smiling bust-level male and female icons with Ameswalker logos on their chests..label below them “Certified Fitters”… Icon of price animates with label “Right Price” VO: Visit Ames Walker dot com and let our team of certified fitters help you get the compression you need at the BEST Prices Certified Fitters Certified Fitters Right Price

slide 36: Over 20 Years of Experience Scene 23 Icons go away…typo animates below logo VO: With over 20 years of experience Ames Walker is the right place to help you step into a healthier happier life

slide 37: 877-525-7224 Scene 24 The tagline goes away the URL flashes/glows to catch attention. Phone number below: 877-525-7224 with phone icon. VO: Visit www dot AmesWalker dot com to learn more or call 877-525-7224.

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