5 Tips To Decorate Your Living Room

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5 Tips To Decorate Your Living Room


Decorating a living room is a tricky challenge. Overdoing decorations turn a living room into a fancy museum while underplaying the decorations can make it dull sucking out all its charm. The key is to strike the perfect balance. But how to achieve this feat?   Here are some effective tips that offer solutions and help you decorate your living room:


Bring the best of brightness and darkness Instead of going too bright or too dark, fuse both elements and create something that is in the middle. The mix of dark and bright brings depth and gives your living room a dynamic feeling.


Add some contrasting neutrals To amplify the welcoming feel created by mixing dark and white, add numerous contrasting neutral elements. Bright colors of wall and dark colored furniture can get a touch of richness by adding some caramel colored carpets or bluish colored hardware.


Don’t forget the texture We don’t ‘see’ texture, we ‘feel’ it. Hence we often fail to notice it while decorating the living room. But texture defines comfort of your room. Hence you should experiment with it. Cotton, wool, stone, metal, glass, and leather are popular textures that allow you to create coziness according to your tastes. If you are on tight budget work on pillows as they offer maximum output.


Rope in some wood Wood creates warmth and offers a soothing feel. If you are creating a cozy living room, wood is a must. There are numerous ways of using wood in living room. Tables, stools, picture frames, panels are common ways of using wood. You can go creative and try something out of the box as well.


Experiment with upholstery You will get a complete living room set in matching upholstery easily in the market. It saves times and relieves you from pondering over colors and matching combinations.  But matching upholstery gives your living room a uniform look which doesn’t feel lively. On the contrary, unmatched upholstery looks candid and more personal and creates a welcoming feeling.


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