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Advice: Should, Shouldn’t, Ought to, Had Better, and Had Better Not:

Advice: Should, Shouldn’t, Ought to, Had Better, and Had Better Not Advice for Travelers 11

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I think you should take some warm sweaters. You ought to bring a Spanish dictionary. You shouldn’t forget your passport. You Should Finish Packing ! What should I pack for my trip to Peru?


Should Use should to give advice or talk about what is right to do. You should obey the traffic laws of this city.


He should get a better map. He should to get a better map. He should gets a better map. Form Should is followed by the base form of the verb. Base Form Verb


Negative Use should not for the negative. You should not bring so many suitcases.


Contraction Use the contraction shouldn’t in speaking and informal writing. You shouldn’t get lost.

Present and Future:

Present and Future We use should to talk about the present or future. I should put on some sunscreen right now . We should take another tour tomorrow . Present Future

Practice 1:

Practice 1 Use should or shouldn’t + the base form verb to give advice for each situation. 1. 2. 3. Example: He should see a doctor.

Ought to:

Ought to Ought to means the same as should . I ought to get some insect repellent.

Usage Note 1:

Usage Note 1 Ought to is not usually used in questions or negative statements. Ought I to open the window? Should I open

Usage Note 2:

Usage Note 2 To sound more polite, use I think or Maybe before saying “ you should” or “you ought to.” Maybe you should leave me alone. I think you should buy cheaper airline tickets .

Had Better and Had Better Not:

Had Better and Had Better Not Use had better to give advice. It is followed by the base form of the verb. The negative is had better not . You had better call to check your flight. You had better remember your passport.

Practice 2:

Practice 2 Use should, shouldn’t , and ought to with I think and maybe to give advice about visiting your country. Use the topics below. Example: Food Clothing Transportation Language Shopping Places to Visit Cultural Customs I think you ought to try the spiced lamb.

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