Unit 2 -Non-Action Verbs

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Non-Action Verbs:

Non-Action Verbs First Impressions 8 Focus on Grammar 2 Part VIII, Unit 27 By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ Wells Copyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights reserved.

Slide 2:

Dad, this is my new boyfriend, Josh. Uh, nice to meet you, Josh. I don’t like him. Hmmm….He has long hair. He looks messy. Dad, What Do You Think?

Non-Action Verbs 1:

Non-Action Verbs 1 Some verbs do not describe actions. These verbs are called non-action or stative verbs . I a bird singing. I to a bird singing. non-action verb action verb hear am listening

Non-Action Verbs 2:

I see dogs running. Non-Action Verbs 2 I am looking at the dogs. non-action verb Action verb


I love computers! I hate computers! Emotions Some non-action verbs express emotions. love hate like dislike

Senses or Appearance:

This smells awful! Senses or Appearance hear taste smell sound feel see This tastes spicy! Some non-action verbs describe senses or appearance.

Practice 1:

I hear the ocean and seagulls. Practice 1 Use the non-action verbs in the box to describe a vacation to the place in the picture. hear see smell feel sound love hate like dislike

Needs or Preferences:

Needs or Preferences want need prefer I prefer Amy’s old boyfriend. Some non-action verbs express needs or preferences.

Mental States:

I think it’s beautiful. Mental States Some non-action verbs describe thoughts. agree disagree understand remember believe think know I disagree .

Slide 10:

We own this house. Possession Some non-action verbs show possession. Have Own Belong This all belongs to us.


Yes, you owe us a lot of money. Measurements The dinner costs all the money in my wallet! Some non-action verbs describe measurements, such as: cost, weigh, owe .

Be Careful!:

I am not liking him. I don’t like him. Be Careful! We usually do not use non-action verbs in the present progressive (- ing ) form.

Practice 2:

Practice 2 A mother is meeting her son’s new girlfriend. Use the non-action verbs in the box to describe their first impressions. have own need prefer know think agree disagree I think her hair color is awful. I prefer his old girlfriend

Non-Action Verbs 3:

Non-Action Verbs 3 Some non-action verbs can have different action and non-action meanings. He looks messy. He is looking at a tie.

Practice 3:

Practice 3 Explain the different meanings of the verbs in the pairs of sentences. 1. a. The cake tastes delicious. b. He’s tasting the cake right now. 2. a. I have some food. b. I’m having breakfast. a. He thinks the painting is ugly. b. He’s thinking about buying a different painting. Example: The perfume smells nice. She’s smelling the perfume.


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