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Direct Connect Moving Tips: Travelling With Pets There is a growing trend amongst pet owners to take their pets along with them on holiday. More destinations including bed and breakfasts resorts camping grounds and private hotels are now allowing owners to bring their pets. Before you start planning a weekend away ensure that you research the area you are visiting and contact the place you are staying at to prevent any disappointments. Image Source: Pixabay If you are camping or travelling to parks or reserves in Australia be mindful that domestic animals such as dogs and cats are prohibited from Nature Reserves National Parks and some State Recreation Areas as they pose a threat to the native wildlife and animals. However some forests and beaches will allow dogs during the day on a leash and overnight if youre camping. Top tips when travelling with pets:  Ensure your pet has a collar with an ID tag on at all times with your correct contact details and don’t forget to bring their lead.  Remember to pack food treats water a bowl and any medication your pet requires for the trip.  Other essentials include blankets bedding toys poo-bags and grooming supplies if you are travelling overnight or longer.  Don’t feed your pet a large amount of food or water immediately before you leave - a small meal 2 hours before you depart is recommended. Be sure to take regular breaks during the trip approximately every 2 hours and provide fresh water and food if necessary.  Go for a walk or play with your pet before heading off. To keep your pet occupied while travelling give them a few toys avoid squeaky toys as these might be a distraction whilst driving.

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 Remember to keep your pet safe while travelling by securing them in the vehicle. A harness that can be attached to a seatbelt or a carrier for small dogs and cats is advisable.  Make sure your pet is fully vaccinated as they might come in contact with other unvaccinated animals.  Never leave your pet alone in a parked car. On a hot day even with the windows open your pet can develop heatstroke as the car can retain heat and act as a heater.  If you are taking your pet on a plane check with your carrier what needs to be completed before your departure. Before you start your holiday remember to review your home and contents insurance and make sure it’s up to date. Consider taking out pet insurance to ensure your pet is covered in the event they fall ill while you’re away. If you are travelling by car then it’s also worth reviewing your car insurance and checking you have sufficient cover whilst you are on the road. For more information special offers and discounts on home and contents insurance and car insurance for Direct Connect customers click here.

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