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Find out the top features of adelio wetsuits.


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Adelio Wetsuits :

Adelio wetsuits and surf accessories boast the latest in modern features and cutting edge technologies  . Adelio will always strive to stay at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing processes Adelio Wetsuits

Features of Adelio Wetsuits:

Features of Adelio Wetsuits Adelio Wetsuit Boast the following Features 100% QUAD FLEX LIMESTONE NEOPRENE:- Adelio’s 4-way flex limestone neoprene allows for ultimate strength and mobility serving as a much needed alternative to traditional petroleum based neoprene. BEVELED EDGE SEALS:- Adelio’s unique beveled edge seals help prevent flushing through the wrist and ankle openings.  THERMA-LOC:- Adelio's unique Therma-loc ‘quad-layered’ internal lining is flexible and soft against the skin . WELDED & GBS SEAMS:- Adelio’s welded, glued and blind stitched (GBS) seams reduce sew through and water entry to keep you warmer. ANATOMICAL FIT:- Adelio’s anatomical, performance-focused design helps maximise flexibility with ergonomically placed seams and structured panelling .

Meaning of Adelio:

Meaning of Adelio The name ' Adelio ' is referenced from the Spanish word meaning 'noble'. The notion of nobility is reflected through the story and ethos within the Adelio brand and our relentless pursuit of the 'Noble Quest'. Defined as many things, the Noble Quest in short is the undeniable urge to discover and immerse ourselves in hidden gems of solitude, allowing our adventurous spirits to take charge as we strive for rare moments of bliss.

Contact US:

Contact US Address:- ADELIO HQC/o Lucky Surf Supply 3/417 The Entrance Road Long Jetty, NSW Australia 2261 Website:- Phone No:- +61 2 4311 6426 Facebook: Instagram :-

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