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Amazing bonus offers, interesting tourneys with exciting cash prize makes Adda52 Rummy incredible website to play rummy online


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Irresistible is the right word to describe adda52 rummy. Why Dictionary defines irresistible as “too attractive and tempting to resist” or “too powerful and convincing to be resisted.” No rummy online lover can afford to ignore a trusted website because of the kind of tournaments and options it offers for its visitors. Testimonials on the site substantiate as to why visitors frequently come to the site and play rummy on adda52 rummy. “Life is binary. It’s either 0 or 1. has proved that fortune always favours the bold. I wish I knew about this site much earlier. I could have gained more fun and money online. I’m thankful to my friend for referring me to this site. This is one of the best online rummy sites in India” says one of the regular visitors to the most trusted rummy website.

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“I appreciate the hard work you guys are doing and I wish you all the best to continue in the same way. I play Rummy regularly on adda52 rummy and have participated in many tourneys and won too. This is an excellent site where you will be entertained and can also earn money” says another visitor. There are hundreds of such testimonials for adda52rummy indicating its popularity among rummy online players. These testimonials voluntarily posted by regular visitors with their pictures after experiencing the feel and thrill on the site are certificates for the website which has been offering excellent tournaments and fabulous prize money. Most important is that these testimonials were not sought by adda52 rummy.

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Log On Feel The Incredible Rummy Online Experience From start to end Adda52 Rummy is filled with interesting bonus offers. With impressive game formats like 13 cards rummy 21 card marriage card game etc tournaments on adda52 rummy are very fair and there is no scope for unscrupulous elements. The company always makes tournaments impressive and attractive. In Leaderboard the rules have been framed to help more people win the prize money. Attractive Promotions Amazing promotions with Rummy Race and Powerplay for prize pool of 3Lacs each Leaderboard and Super Sundays are other favourite tourneys for rummy users

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Increasing prize money in tourneys has actually enhanced the chances of more people taking home the cash prize. No wonder it has become a hit on adda52 rummy. There is provision for re-buy when the player reaches a threshold in the game. The daily jackpot has become more attractive. The prize money is good. Besides Power fest Turbo Powerplay 10K Rummy Race Rummy Gladiators Rummy Rockers Rummy Rush and Rummy Nights provide umpteen opportunities for the online players to play and win big money. Log on to adda52 rummy and feel the incredible experience

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