Brief Discussion on the Important Types of Coating

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Metal coating has its own advantages and is extensively used in the industries. Metal coating like TiAlN, ZrN helps to enhance the durability, strength of industrial equipment. Important types of coating that are available:- Auto-Component Coating, Aerospace Coating, Molybdenum disulfide coating, TiAIN Coating, Zrn coating, Black DLC coating For More Details:- Call Us: +(661) 294-3836


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Brief Discussion on the Important Types of Coating Metal coating has its own advantages and is extensively used in the industries. Metal coating like TiAlN ZrN helps to enhance the durability strength of industrial equipment. Following are the important types of coating that are available:- Auto-Component Coating The automobile industry uses appropriate coatings for auto-parts and components. The objective of different auto components coating is to impart color and durability to the exterior surfaces of auto-parts. The different auto parts and components come in a wide variety of substrates. They can be thermoplastic thermoset sheets injection molded. In the automobile industry the surface as well as the temperature features are evaluated to ensure adhesion and avoid distortions. Aerospace Coating:- In aerospace technology efficient aerospace coatings are widely used to minimize drag in the air and eliminate building-up of debris. In this regard it is relevant to say that build-up of drag and debris reduces the consumption of airplane fuel. Efficient aerospace coating helps to reduce carbon footprint. This has positive effects on the environment as well as the economy. In this context it is important to understand that a 1 increase in fuel efficiency helps the aviation industry to lower fuel costs significantly.

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Molybdenum disulfide coating Molybdenum disulfide coating is often used on articulated truck components aerospace components and offshore products. Molybdenum disulfide coating has the following benefits and features:-  It provides a very good lubrication and prevents picking up of dust or other harmful contaminants.  Such coating has a very high load-carrying capacity.  The use of Molybdenum disulfide coating reduces the risk of seizure.  The coating remains glued to the metal substrate.  The coating imparts a low-coefficient of friction on the metal surface and thereby reduces the wear and tear of the metal substrate.  It has high resistance to grease oils and fuels.  It does not contain toxic antimony or leads compounds.

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In the heavy industries different cutting tools are used. More often these tools are used to perform a number of operations on steel hardened steel alloy steel cast iron aluminium copper bronze brass and plastics wood. Some of the popular operations that are performed in the industries include drilling turning milling sawing tapping reaming broaching injection molding stamping punching and forming. Different operations with a particular item demand the use of different coating materials. While performing industrial operations often heat is generated and abrasion results resulting in the weakening of the tool. If cutting tools are weakened easily because of increased wear and tear then they become ineffective and inefficient after a short span of time. The objective of the various types of coatings is to ensure that the industrial tool remains protected during usage its life is enhanced. Other Coating Types In this context the following types of coatings are used on industrial tools:- TiAIN Coating The TiAIN Coating is applied on the surface of the industrial tool. It increases the strength effectiveness and efficiency of the tool. Such type of coating helps the industrial tools to have a long life despite rough usage. Zrn coating:-

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ZrN Zirconium Nitride coating is used on industrial tools. The ZrN coating is tougher it is harder and corrosion resistive than titanium Aluminium Nitride coating. Black DLC coating The black DLC coating is used for biomedical purposes. It is considered the best quality PVD coating as it is resistant to scratch and is durable.

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