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Follow the steps to Fix Acer Error Code 0xc00000e9 disk read or You can call at Acer Customer Support Phone Number 1-800-560-3159 anytime from anywhere, in order to reach with the team of brilliant and experienced Acer Customer support.


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How To Fix Acer Error Code 0xc00000e9 disk read on Windows 7 8 and 10

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Fix Acer Error 0xc00000e9 on Windows • Error 0xc00000e9 is usually caused by a failing or a bad hard drive. That will be the final verdict on this if nothing else works from the possible solutions given below. • If in case it is the hard drive that has failed you can send it to a recovery company to recover your data it’s a hassling process but if you have never backed up then this is the time you start backing up with a lesson learned. DIAL TOLL FREE +1-800-560-3159

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Method 1: Disconnect All Peripherals/External Devices • Power off your laptop/desktop and take off all the external peripherals connected to it such as external hard disk usb disk printer wireless mouse keyboard everything – You just need the monitor plugged in so you can see the status on screen. With all the Peripherals disconnected power on the system and see if that resolves the issue. • If it does then repeat the process by connecting your external devices one by one until you find the one that causes the error. It may be possible that with the disconnection of all external devices and after reconnecting them all it may work without issues. DIAL TOLL FREE +1-800-560-3159

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Method 3: Check your SATA cables If this is happening on a desktop PC some users have found that using an older SATA cable such as a SATA II cable with a SATA III port and hard drive can sometimes not provide a sufficient data transfer rate. In this situation the operating system is unable to communicate with the hard drive resulting in this error. • Power off your PC. • Open your case and locate the hard drive and the SATA port it’s connected to. • Replace your cable with a newer one if you have a SATA II cable see if you can borrow a SATA III from a friend just to see if it works. • If this works you know that you simply need to get a newer version SATA cable which should be fairly cheap. DIAL TOLL FREE +1-800-560-3159

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Method 4: Set your hard drive as the first boot device Setting your hard drive to be the primary boot device in the BIOS/UEFI can also sometimes fix the issue. Enter your BIOS. This is done by pressing a manufacturer predefined button during the POST screen. That button can be either ESC F2 F12 Backspace etc. and you will find it on the POST screen before Windows boots. Press it quickly to enter the BIOS/UEFI utility. • Once inside look for the Boot options. Most if not all BIOS/UEFI utilities have instructions for navigation on the bottom or right side of the screen – use them to get to the menu. • Once in the Boot options take a look at the boot priority. You need to make sure that the first boot device is your hard drive. Use the navigation instructions to achieve that and put the hard drive on the top of the boot devices list. • Exit with saving your changes and reboot your device. This should fix your problem. DIAL TOLL FREE +1-800-560-3159

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Contact Support: You can call at Acer Customer Support Phone Number 1- 800-560-3159 anytime from anywhere in order to reach with the team of brilliant and experienced Acer Customer support. The phone number is a toll-free and available 24×7/365 days to help as the experts will get the excellent guidance to troubleshoot this issue easily. ACER SUPPORT NUMBERS TOLL-FREE: +1-800-560-3159 MAIL : 24 X 7 TECHNICAL SUPPORT DIAL TOLL FREE +1-800-560-3159

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