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Remove particles, colloids and macromolecules from waste water by Membrane Filtration, this process help in the food technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to produce safe & clean water. Read it more about Membrane filtration for waste water treatment:


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Membrane Filtration: Removal of Pesticides or De- Salination of salt water Membrane Filtration Membrane filtration is physical separation of a substance by means of a semi-permeable membrane. The presence of a gradient i.e. a propelling force across the membrane drives the process. The propelling force can be electrical chemical or may use pressure. This force pushes the smallest molecules the substances "building blocks" in a given solution through the membrane and keeps back the larger molecules.

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Applications:  De-salination of salt water.  Purification of drinking water e.g. removal of pesticides  The food-processing industry.  The electronics industry production of ultra-pure water.  The pharmaceuticals industry.  The petrochemical industry. Types of membrane filtration: Membrane filtration is divided into the following four types depending on the size of the molecules to be filtered:  Micro filtration MF  Ultra filtration UF  Nano-filtration NF  Reverse Osmosis RO

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Types of membrane Modules: Membrane filtration modules are available in many designs. The four most important types of module are:  Tubular Module  Hollow fiber module  Spiral wound module  Plate Frame module See at more from here:

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