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How to enjoy prom party?:

How to enjoy prom party? BY

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Attending prom is a best high school experience you have. Advanced planning will help you to make it memorable night. In this article I will help you to understand, how you can enjoy your prom by making a bit early planning.   First thing you need to have a date.  Asking girl for prom probably most important step in this entire process..:).  Well, but it's always easy if you already have it!  It is quite challenging who are not in relationship. Open with your friend or classmate. If she rejects you in first attempt don't loose the hopes.  Keep your chin up and find somebody else. Whomever you are going to ask for prom, make sure you do it about one and a half months prior to prom party. As, once you decide your prom partner, both of you will get the enough time to prepare for Prom party.

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After confirming your date you need to buy prom tickets as early as possible and make reservation for dinner before the party. Ideally, you should choose a place that’s relatively close to the prom.   You need good attire for party. Which help you to look dapper, so that means you need a tuxedo. Buying tuxedo is not a good option. So best advice is rent it, just make sure it will be appropriate size and fit for you. Next task is head over to a florist and order a matching corsage for your partner's dress, don’t wait until the last minute to order it.   If you need a haircut, schedule it before four or five days prior to party. On a prom evening start getting ready an hour before prom. Take a shower and shave before getting dressed. Put all the necessary things in your pockets like ticket, cash and don't forget about the corsage. Now look at the mirror and give positive complement to yourself.  

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Now comes a main part. There are a number of other ways to get to and from the prom.  Don’t forget Prom night is supposed to be special for every girls. Make it more special by hiring the Prom Limo for Transportation. Ace Limousine is one of the best limo transportation company that I have experienced.  They also have best in Long Island Prom Party bus services for more couples.  You can also pick up best Long Island Prom Limo from their fleets.  In future, you will recall every beautiful moment in a limo up to your destination. In my opinion, paying a bit of money for such wonderful experience, it’s just worth it.   Pick up your date on time. Warmly greet her and her parents with a smile. If your partner needs some time to get ready, have a small talk with her parents. Tell them about your dinner plan, also compliment their house decor. When she enters in the room, give her a big smile, walk over to pin the corsage on her wrist.  Give compliment on her look. Because, since whole day she has been getting prepare for tonight. Before saying good bye, assure her parents when are you returning from party at night.

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Try to reach 20 minute before to the party venue. Which help you to arrange your pre-prom photo shoot. In party don’t shy to dance. Have a fun! While dancing with your partner, you can take a couple of approaches. Put your hands on your date’s waist and sway side-to-side in the same place.   After prom king and queen have been crowned and party is over. Please, don’t engage in any stupidity that will make you cringe whenever you’re reminded of it. It's your responsibility to get your date back at home on time. Be thankful to her parents. Say goodbye to all of them return to home. Go to the sleep with great memories. These tips definitely help you to make prom night something you’ll remember for your whole life.    

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