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Fungal infections : 

Fungal infections Fungus, one of the several pathogens but essential “commodity” for life

What it is ?……. : 

What it is ?……. Mushrooms are common examples. Most people think it is a plant, But it is a different category of living things. It is different in cell structure as compared to plants and is not capable of producing food from sunlight like plants do. Consumes glucose from other living things or dead stuff such as dead leaves and plants etc.

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Several Fungal colonies thriving on a piece of fruit

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Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fungus-unknown.jpg

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Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Unidentified_Fungus_5621.jpg

Fungi : 

Fungi Types Molds (Grow as multicellular filaments known as hyphae, Several hypae group together to be known as Mycelium) Yeasts (Mostly, grow as colonies of unicellular fungi) Mushrooms (Have stem and a Cap with gills)

None of the Fungi can produce their own food : 

None of the Fungi can produce their own food Classification Mycorrhizal (Form partnerships with trees to get food and supply nourishment to them) Saprophytic (Live on dead leaves and trees etc.) Parasitic (Prefer to live on living things. Do serious damage to living host to get food)

Common lung infections : 

Common lung infections We will be learning about two common infections (out of many) in lungs. Aspergillosis Histoplasmosis

Aspergillus Infections : 

Aspergillus Infections Aspergillus infections of lungs are caused by a fungus known as “Apergillus fumigatus”. “Aspergillosis” is the word commonly used to describe infections from this fungus.

Aspergillosis : 

Aspergillosis Aspergilloma/Mycetoma Invasive Aspergillosis Allergic Bronchopulm-onary aspergillosis

References : 

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