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AdStar also prevents the website from SQL injection. AdStar - OLX Clone is a marketplace between the seller and the buyer.


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Best OLX Clone Script In 2019 AdStar – OLX Clone OLX is an online marketplace. It is a platform for buying and selling services and goods like electronics fashion items furniture household goods cars and bikes. OLX Company founded in 2006 and operating in 45 countries. Many startups entrepreneurs are looking to start a business like OLX. T o ease the demand of startups entrepreneurs many companies have developed clone scripts of OLX Quikr. Nearly every clone scripts developing company have developed clone script of OLX Quikr. On analysing all the OLX Quikr clone scripts one script that stands out from all is AdStar – OLX Clone. AdStar – OLX Clone is the combination of OLX Quikr developed by Abservetech. It allows new users to start a business. AdStar is very easy to customise and install. Working of AdStar:

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AdStar – OLX Clone is developed using the Laravel framework. This framework has high-security features inbuilt in it. It also prevents the website from SQL injection. AdStar is a marketplace between the seller and the buyer. 1. Both the buyer the seller needs to register with the AdStar – OLX Clone. 2. A seller can upload the details of the product with the required pictures and suitable price. 3. A buyer can browse through fnd a suitable product. 4. Then can chat with the corresponding seller and ask for the price. 5. If the buyer is satisfed with the product he will buy it. Important features of AdStar – OLX Clone: 1. Chat instantly 2. Home page featured item 3. Location search 4. Payment features 5. Menu Language Blog User Page management 6. SEO friendly URLs 7. Camera / Image uploads Making Money with AdStar – OLX Clone: 1. Google AdSense 2. Third-party Ads 3. Featured product in AdStar 4. Delivery services AdStar is an excellent way to start your business with it. Whenever a buyer purchases a product from a seller the commission amount

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will be transferred to the admin of the AdStar – OLX Clone product. By this way admin of AdStar can earn with it.

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