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If you are looking for professional services for bartending then hire a bartender from Bartender 4 you and let the team of skillful , professional people handle all the work related to bartending, Event bar hire. Visit: http://bartender4you.co.uk/


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Event Bar Hire


Memorable RUM BASED COCKTAILS Mojito Daiquiri Pina Colada Cuba Libre Classic Rum Punch Hurricane Mai Tai Jean Harlow cocktail


Memorable TEQUILA BASED COCKTAILS Whiskey Sour Manhattan Mint Julep Retox New York Sour Margarita Tequila Sunrise Juan Collins Paloma El Nino Mexican Negroni Tequila Sour


The best GIN BASED COCKTAILS Garden of Eden Tom Collins Gin Martini White Lady Gin Fizz Negroni Gin Buck French 75 Grapefruit Blossom


Private WHISKEY BASED COCKTAILS Old Fashioned Whiskey Sour Manhattan Mint Julep Retox New York Sour Harvard San Martin


Unforgettable VODKA BASED COCKTAILS Sex on the beach Woo-Woo Cosmopolitan Vodka Martini French Martini Lychee Martini Espresso Martini Bloody Marry Caprioska Moscow Mule White Russian Black Russian Very Berry


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