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Interpersonal Relationship : 

Interpersonal Relationship Via Transactional Analysis

What is Interpersonal Relationship (IR) ?? : 

What is Interpersonal Relationship (IR) ?? Organizations consists of Individual who work in Relationships with one another in different Capacities to produce Results It requires an atmosphere of mutual trust, understanding and cooperation It determines the human relation climate in the organization

Interpersonal Needs : 

Interpersonal Needs Inclusion : The need for Interaction and Association Control : The need of Authority and Power Affection : The need of Attention and Care

What is transactional Analysis? : 

What is transactional Analysis? It is a technique used to help people better understand their own and other’s behavior in IR Dr. Eric Berne gave the basis for this theory, based on psychotherapy The Primary concepts in Transactional Analysis are: Ego States Transactions Strokes Way people spend their time

Ego States : 

Ego States Ego State is a pattern of Behavior that a person develops as he or she grows up based on his or her accumulated network of feelings and experiences

What is Transaction?? : 

What is Transaction?? Basic Unit of Social Interaction Exchange of words and Behavior between two persons It is of two types: Complimentary Non Complimentary Ulterior Transaction Gallows Transaction

Complimentary Transactions : 

Complimentary Transactions P P P P A A A A C C C C

Non Complimentary : 

Non Complimentary P P P P A A A A C C C C

Psychological Games : 

Psychological Games These are a pattern of Transactions that have surface logic but hidden meanings It attempts to draw in an unsuspecting participant Outcome is always Win-Lose Proposition

Common Features of Psychological Games : 

Common Features of Psychological Games Transactions are often repeated They make sense at the superficial or social level At least one of the transactions is Ulterior, i.e. with the intention of passing the buck, making other people commit mistakes and so on

Reasons for Psychological Games : 

Reasons for Psychological Games Strengthening Psychological Position Getting Positive Strokes Avoiding Openess

Life Positions : 

Life Positions Combination of Assumptions about oneself and another person Four Possible Life Positions: I’m OK – You’re OK I’m OK – You’re not OK I’m not OK – You’re OK I’m not OK – You’re not OK

Strokes : 

Strokes Strokes are exchanged whenever two persons interact with one another It refers to giving some kind of recognition to the other This recognition can be positive (Feel Good) or negative (Feel Bad) Strokes can alter the life positions in the given period of time

Script analysis : 

Script analysis Script analysis is an examination of Transactions and Interactions to determine the nature of one’s life script Script is a complete plan of living, prescriptions and permissions and structures which makes one winner or loser in life The behavior of a person becomes quasi programmed by the script which emerges out of life’s experiences

Utilities of Transactional Analysis : 

Utilities of Transactional Analysis Improved interpersonal Communication Resolution of Interpersonal Conflict Better Understanding of Ego States Important technique of Executive Development Improves Self Understanding, Interpersonal Effectiveness and enhance communication skills

Limitations of Transactional Analysis : 

Limitations of Transactional Analysis Difficult to Understand for less educated person It tends to encourage armature psychologising if applied without sufficient training Can be used as a put down in IR, people may use it to manipulate behavior of others (as in case of Ulterior Transactions)

Thank You : 

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