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CROSSING THE MALE FEMALE DIVIDE Although people generated a whole variety of types of films/genres in the sessions eg animation the main categories were: Romance Period Crime/Gangster Horror Action SciFi In order to have maximum appeal films need to appeal to men and women - even if they are paying attention to different aspects. Comedy is a great unifier. Comedy Women were much more favourable than men to seeing romantic and period films. Men tend to favour action and SciFi films and any films with a lot of violent/aggression. However, when genres combined with comedy they were then able to cross the female/male divide. “Bridget Jones was really a film for us” (Women) “I disagree. I thought it was funny. I enjoyed it” (Men) “Even horror films these days are often very funny” (Women) Male Female


WHERE FILMS ARE WORKING FOR THE BRITISH AUDIENCE Gladiator Titanic Notting Hill Bridget Jones Matrix Pulp Fiction Trainspotting Trainspotting (elements) KNOWING & CLEVER UNGLAMOROUS & GRITTY UPLIFTING & GLAMOROUS Jude the Obscure Sixth Sense Crouching Tiger American Pie Schindllers List Chocolat Purely Belter Pearl Harbour Forrest Gump Being John Malkovich Brassed off SCHMALTZY & MORALISTIC Independence Day Billy Elliot Rambo 3 Independence Day (partly) Billy Elliot East is East

What This Means In Practise: 

What This Means In Practise If the genre is not obvious there needs to be an appealing hook to compensate eg ‘Ballet Star in a macho mining community’.If neither the genre and the hook are clear or motivating the film will struggle to be selected. If 2 or 3 of the criteria are satisfied then word of mouth/media hype can be optimally achieved. Soundtracks are also increasingly important these days. A NEW FILM        

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