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DESC Japan Command Brief: 

DESC Japan Command Brief Major Robert M. Letourneau Commander

Driving Times: 

Driving Times: New York to St Pete 19 hours Misawa to Sasebo 40 hours Misawa Driving Times


Agenda Mission Office Staff Japan Defense Fuels Supply Points Japan Petroleum Inventory Distribution Assets PC&S Contracts


Agenda Japan MR&E Projects Japan MILCON Projects Japan Facility Improvement Program (JFIP) On Going Issues MOGAS Draw down Koshiba Closure Iwakuni MILCON / Runway Relocation PERISC Questions

DESC Japan Mission : 

DESC Japan Mission Provide United States Forces Japan and other customers in Japan the most efficient petroleum support in the most effective and economical manner possible.

DESC Japan Current Organization: 

DESC Japan Current Organization

Japan DFSPs: 

Base Level DFSPs Intermediate Level DFSPs Japan DFSPs

Japan DFSPs Okinawa: 

Base Level DFSPs Intermediate Level DFSPs Okinawa Japan DFSPs Okinawa


PACOM Petroleum Inventory JET FUEL DIESEL

Japan Petroleum Inventory: 

Japan Petroleum Inventory 501,312,000 gallons 369,624,400 gallons AS of 4 Oct 02

DFSP Koshiba: 

DFSP Koshiba Excess Capacity ‘00 PACOM/J4 approved PAC POL Conf brief Moving Storage Forward Initial plan: Mar 02 Koshiba Pier Dec 00-Jan 01 Yokota Runway Closure Tsurumi Tank Cleaning Latest Plan: Dec O2 Facility Return Plan

Bulk MOGAS Draw down: 

Bulk MOGAS Draw down MOGAS Draw down Tsurumi, Hakozaki, Akasaki, Okinawa PC&S Supported Start Date: Jun 2002 Projected Complete: Feb 2004

Bulk MOGAS Draw down Tsurumi: 

Bulk MOGAS Draw down Tsurumi Starting Inventory: 29 Mbbl Current Inventory: 15 Mbbl Avg. Monthly Issues: 8 Mbbl to Trucks Projected Receipts: Via barge from Hakozaki Est. Completion: May 2003

Bulk MOGAS Draw down Hakozaki: 

Bulk MOGAS Draw down Hakozaki Starting Inventory: 28 Mbbl Current Inventory: 28 Mbbl Avg. Monthly Issues: 11 Mbbl Projected Receipts: 14 Nov 02, 28M 24 Jan 03, 28M Est. Completion: Jun 2003

Bulk MOGAS Draw down Akasaki: 

Bulk MOGAS Draw down Akasaki Starting Inventory: 18 Mbbl Current Inventory: 17 Mbbl Avg. Monthly Issues: 2 Mbbl Projected Receipts: 10 Nov 02, 8M 24 Jan 03, 8M Est. Completion: Feb 2004

Bulk MOGAS Draw down Okinawa: 

Bulk MOGAS Draw down Okinawa Starting Inventory: 52 Mbbl Current Inventory: 17 Mbbl Avg. Monthly Issues: 16 Mbbl Projected Receipts: 15 Oct 02, 36M 26 Nov 02, 36M 9 Jan 03 36M Est. Completion: May 2003

Japan Distribution Assets Tankers: 

Japan Distribution Assets Tankers T-5 Tankers, 235Mbbl, scheduled by DESC MV Richard G. Matthiesen (T-AOT 1124)

Japan Distribution Assets Tankers: 

T-1, MV Montauk, 36Mbbl, Scheduled by DESC Japan Japan Distribution Assets Tankers

Japan Distribution Assets Ready Reserve Fleet: 

Japan Distribution Assets Ready Reserve Fleet 10 Day Ready Reserve Alatna, Chattahochee, Nodaway (30Mbbl Tankers) Berthed at the Tsuneishi Shipyard, Southern Honshu

Japan Distribution Assets Rail Cars: 

Japan Distribution Assets Rail Cars Lease 110 Rail Cars JP8 delivery: Yokota Misawa

Japan Distribution Assets Tank Trucks: 

Japan Distribution Assets Tank Trucks Truck delivery of fuel is an integral part of our fuel distribution plan throughout Japan.

Japan Distribution Assets Pipeline Systems: 

Japan Distribution Assets Pipeline Systems Misawa - Hachinohe


Japan Distribution Assets Okinawa Pipeline

Japan Distribution Assets Intermodal Containers: 

Japan Distribution Assets Intermodal Containers Lube Oils LTL/L06 DFSP Hakozaki DFSP Akasaki

Japan Post Camp & Station Contracts: 

Japan Post Camp & Station Contracts

Japan MR&E 399 Active Projects: 

Japan MR&E 399 Active Projects Navy - 206 Air Force - 78 Army - 74 Marines - 41 As of 7 Oct 02

Japan MR&E 911 Other Projects: 

Japan MR&E 911 Other Projects Navy - 594 Air Force - 109 Army - 148 Marines - 60 As of 7 Oct 02

Japan MR&E Projects (Estimated Total: $136.6M): 

Japan MR&E Projects (Estimated Total: $136.6M) As of 7 Oct 02 Navy - 206 Air Force - 78 Marines - 41 Army - 74

Japan POL MILCON Projects (FY01-FY07): 

Japan POL MILCON Projects (FY01-FY07)

Japan Facilities Improvement Program (JFIP): 

Japan Facilities Improvement Program (JFIP)

On Going Issues: 

On Going Issues Strategic Fuels Infrastructure Plan - Japan Personnel Actions Deputy Commander Position FAS/FES System Coordinator Personnel Transition GOJ Burden Sharing program

DESC Japan: 

DESC Japan This concludes the briefing…

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