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Morocco has been the top priority of tourists from all over the world especially during the ripe Morocco surf season. This piece of land is exquisitely famous for its lively shores, exhilarating waves and impeccable surfing experiences. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to spend your surf holidays in Morocco, you’d better add it...


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24 Best surf spots in Morocco 2019 Morocco has been the top priority of tourists from all over the world especially during the ripe Morocco surf season. This piece of land is exquisitely famous for its lively shores exhilarating waves and impeccable surfing experiences. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to spend your surf holidays in Morocco you’d better add it to your vacation goals right now and below are 24 best surf spots in Morocco to visit. Owing to the rich legacy in surfing sport Morocco now has established widespread variety of surfing spots. People are often confused about and hence often end up wasting time in figuring out the places to visit during the Morocco surf season. We cut you some slack here and finally make life easier for you in this respect. We have made a list of 24 must-visit surfing spots in Morocco to help you orient yourself wisely before you step on the Moroccan land. Gear up for the roller coaster.

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1: Sidi Ifni Having roots in the Spanish colonial history Sidi Ifni is a mix of heritage and culture. The rushing waves the Atlantis kissing the margins of Sidi Ifni beach welcomes thousands of surf enthusiasts to sniff the air of this marvelous place. The blue and white theme of the building and the turbans of the inhabitants of this area add to the aesthetic beauty.

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2: Mirleft The south of Morocco boasts the coast of Mirleft a place you can blindly trust for constant flow of all types of tide heights on the beach. Additionally if you don’t like an over-crowded surfing experience this is the best spot for you. The climate is pleasant throughout the year and synchronizes well with the tourist moods.

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3: Tifnit Appears to be an isolated place but offers one of the strongest high-tide experiences in the whole Morocco. If you have been surfing for quite some time and have a good knack of how to handle such difficulty level well this is the place for you. The atmosphere is calm and the previous surfers recommend coming here in groups rather than solo adventure

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4: Anza Recently the news that Anza has undergone a cleanliness drive of the shores and the beaches has revived the tradition of beginner level surfing here. The tides are mostly low and offer you a left too. This offers a perfect package for new entrants in the surfing sport in terms of weather tides and accommodation facilities in the immediate vicinity.

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5: Km 12 north from Agadir As the name suggests this place is named after its distance from the Agadir- a famous reference spot. The waves here are healthy for both beginners and the intermediate-level surfers. The easy to experience left and the right hand waves of this place make it one of the significant choices for people who want to practice more with their surfing skills.

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6: Banana point A place conceiving many surf schools in its heart Banana point comes in handy for the beginners to access and exercise their surfing potentials. Taking its name from the adjacent Banana village this point is a fortunate receiver of the might Northern winds that evoke continuous low tide experience. The shore is ornamented with rocky architecture and pleases the sight water waves clashing magnanimously with it.

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7: Spider between Banana point and Devil’s Rock Flaunting its flat sandy floor with rocky consistency the spider spot halts surfers while moving from Banana point to Devil’s Rock. The wave type is reef break and the direction is mostly rightward and breeds tailor made opportunities for beginners and intermediates.

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8: Devil’s Rock Mostly serving as the weekend go-to surfing spot for the locals Devil’s rock capacitates a good mesh of right and lefts and accommodates beginners in its low tides. The atmosphere is serene and the local café by the side is always the best relaxing haven after all day physical exertion on the beach.

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9: CroCro surf Spot It lies almost 15 km North of Agadir and is a welcoming spot for both beginners and advanced surfers. With a bit off shore wind CroCro is equipped with luxurious accommodation hotels and restaurants to keep you engaged with the vibrant life on the beach.

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10: Panorama Marking the South end of the Taghazout village the Panorama spot often offers tides that are difficult to peddle and hence invite expert surf groups with conquerable challenges. The beginners can also try their luck on smoother parts of the shore. Lunch at the Panorama café is a usual highlight for the surfers coming from all over the places. A short trip to the Paradise valley nearby deserves a shot.

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11: Hash Point The sun disseminates its setting beauty to the fullest at this point of the shore. The locals are extremely friendly and the restaurants in the ambiance are full of life. Those inhabiting areas of Taghazout village find it the most interesting place to surf. The tides vary for mid to high so you can fit in accordingly.

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12: Anchor Point This venue is famous for its speed walls and cutback hooks coming in successive waves to the hit the shore. The spot often gets busy and the aura it creates is worth living in. The difficulty level of surfing here is high and legend has it that the first ones to surf Anchor point were Australians back in 1960’s. So if you are in mood of a roller costar surfing ride experience this is your spot.

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13: Mystery The Mystery spot received offshore winds from the north east owing to its central location in Morocco. Winter is the most suitable season to come and surf here. The surf is inconsistent and the rocky margins are to be taken care of while sporting.

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14: La Source A place embellished with fresh water springs around the rocky shores and the flexible A-frame lifts that entertain enthusiasts of all expertise levels La Source is a gem of a spot. This place has this special aesthetic appeal in terms of architecture beach resorts people flora and heritage entitling it as the heaven of the surfers in Morocco. It is situated 3 km away from Taghazout and is the most tranquil area of the shore.

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15: Killer point It owes its name to the group of occasionally approaching Killer whales at this part of the ocean. Receiving a major chunk of North-West swells the tides approaching the shores often create an erroneous illusion of their magnanimity but in reality they sometimes have the capacity to host a great number of intermediate level surfers as well. The strength of the waves consistently hitting the rocky margins of the coast is often reported to have rumbled the rock walls to the target point.

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16: Dracula The overall testing surroundings at this spot invite the strong hearted only the hardly rightward pushes the tide heights the vampire teeth resembling rock structures all add up to the toughness of the aura here. The wonderful barrels of Dracula spot are not only picturesque but also worth witnessing personally. These features equate it to the Boilers spot and hence it is acclaimed as its Evil Twin.

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17: Boilers The marginal hills that bounce the trade winds at this powerful right-hander venue augment the thrilling theme. A ship boiler lying south of the lighthouse of Cap Rhir gives this signature title to this place. This place hosts one of the best waves in Morocco. The huge vertical walls plummeting down from the mountain slopes crash the bottom to generate typical advanced level surfing tides.

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18: La Boue A land piece famous for its agriculturally rich soil and its deeply rooted cultural heritage in the French architecture and occasional dialects La boue is an inherent incentive for every surfer to explorer. Fair place that attracts experienced surfers more. 19: Tamri

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Home to flamingoes and camels Tamri is a constant fun throughout the year. The strong left currents are a salient feature of this beach break but beginners can enjoy slight rightward pushes as well. Tamri lies on the Northern side of the coast and it gives a beautiful bird’s eye view when seen from above the cliff tops surrounding this area. 20: La Bea IMSOUANE You haven’t seen Morocco if you haven’t surfed here. This place is a hub of all day surfing session with maximum variety of waves esp. the famous longest wave of Morocco. Locally this place is known to be a small fish village but hosts experienced surfers from around the globe. Your tour package to this place ought to include all day surfs trip to Agadir and Paradise valley and customary Yoga sessions that prepare surfers for their real actions.

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21: Cathedral IMSOUANE Famous for its right hand point break Cathedral Spot in Imsouance exists in the north-west swells of the Moroccan coast. It is an intermediate beach spot for body boarders. The rightward winds are strong and powerful while left sided shoes a pleasing reef break.

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22: Sidi Kaouki This spot speaks much about Bohemian culture and white washed walls. If you like some privacy and meaningful solitude garnished upon your self-scheduled surfing activities this year you go for this place. In addition what might add to the spice of your stay here are the popular camel and horse rides along the coast line.

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23: Essaouira The North Eastern winds have a strong hold over the surfing abilities in this region of the coastline. It appears as it has been preserved well after the European influence of seaport culture back in 18th century. It is indeed an all-year consistent beach break and is seldom crowded. Hence a fair place to inhabit during Morocco surf season.

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24: Safi Experienced surfers term Safi as the best right hand in Morocco. Those who know the potential of Safi will never miss a stay here during their surf tour. The best seasons to surf here are winter and autumn.

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