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Resources: Texas Hazard Mitigation Package (THMP): An Internet-based GIS Data Distribution Tool Project by Texas Geographic Society Sub-grantee of the Texas Governor’s Division of Emergency Management The purpose of this grant is to compile and deliver digital geographic datasets that can be used by state and local hazard mitigation planners in identifying potential natural hazards and assessing relative risk


Texas Hazard Mitigation Package THMP is a free, easy-to-use, online application to: Identify historical hazard occurrences actual hazard event locations summarized by county Identify hazard risk areas Display supplemental information (including Base Data) for hazard-related data Determine relative vulnerability (to population and property value) Download hazard-related data for use in other GIS-based systems


Hazards: Weather-related Hurricanes & Tropical Storms Hurricanes: 1851-2001 Tropical/Subtropical Storms: 1851-2001 Hurricane Tracks: 1851-2001 Tropical/Subtropical Storms: 1851-2001 Hurricane Risk Zones Hurricane Evacuation Routes Tornadoes Tornadoes (F3-F5): 1950-2003 Tornadoes (F1-F5): 1950-2003 Tornado Risk Zones Tornado Events (F3-F5): 1950-2003 Tornado Events (F1-F5): 1950-2003 3. Floods Floods: 1961-1999 Flood Events (Major): 1905-2001 Flood Events: 1993-2003 Flood Risk Zones THMP Data Layers Currently, there are 62 GIS data layers in 11 hazard categories available to map online, download or stream into your own GIS/mapping system 4. Other Storms Other Storms: 1955-2003 Wind Risk Zones Other Storm Events: 1994-2003 Outdoor Fires Outdoor Fires: 2000-2003 Outdoor Fire Risk Zones Drought Drought (Months): 1976-2003 Drought Events: 1996-2003 Extreme Temperatures Extreme Temperatures (Days): 1980-2003 Extreme Temperatures (Days): 1980-2003 Coastal Erosion Coastal Erosion: 1931 – 2000 Coastal Erosion Rates Coastal Shoreline Types


Hazards: Non Weather-related 9. Earthquakes Earthquakes: 1882-1985 Earthquake Epicenters: 1882-1985 Earthquake Risk Zones 10. Hazardous Materials Hazardous Materials (All): 2004 Hazardous Waste Sites: 2004 Radioactive Waste Sites: 2004 Superfund Sites: 2004 Hazardous Cargo Routes 11. Subsidence Subsidence (Feet): 1918-1975 Subsidence Risk Zones Data Layer List …continued


BASE MAPS: Supplemental information to overlay with hazard-related data 6 Categories with 22 data layers (not shown) Administrative Boundaries Transportation Hydrography Landscape Weather-base data


Floods: 1961 – 1999


Floods: 1961 – 1999


Flood Events (Major): 1905 - 2001


Flood Risk Zones


80 available Counties in THMP; 174 to go! Flood Risk Zones:


Download link Data Layer Description Page


Hurricane Risk Zones and Evacuation Routes from THMP, added to HAZUS


Streaming THMP data from Map Viewers using ArcGIS: Connecting to

Population Vulnerability to Floods: 

Population Vulnerability to Floods Census Blocks intersecting Flood Risk Zones

Population Vulnerability to Floods: 

Population Vulnerability to Floods vulnerable area! …may need further investigation (see HAZUS!)


Texas Hazard Mitigation Package Summary: Use THMP, online, to identify and provide necessary data and maps for mitigation plans and other related risk assessment activities Use THMP, online, to access other resources related to hazards and mitigation planning Use THMP to download data into your own GIS/mapping systems to support or initiate your specific projects Use THMP to download data into HAZUS to supplement the map Use THMP, online, for preliminary investigation of vulnerable areas to analyze in HAZUS

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