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If you are launching a new business and want to make it sustainable for a lifetime. Then there are some methods you need to follow to win the game. Know them before it is too late.


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Entry Barrier For start-ups METHODS OF MAKING pixibit.net. | 2019

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pixibit.net. | 2019 Before launching YOU MUST KNOW WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING THINGS SUITS YOUR BUSINESS Intellectual property protection Patent and License Distribution Network Exclusive rights Economies of sale High capital investment Proprietary technology Excellent customer service Brand Equity Loyalty beyond logic

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Intellectual property protection Intellectual Property Protection is protection for inventions literary and artistic works symbols names and images created by the mind. Learn how you can protectyour intellectual property by using: Patents Trademarks Trade Secrets and Copyrights. pixibit.net. | 2019

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Patent and License Patent licensing is part of how to patent an idea and is a revocable agreement between a patent owner and a licensee to transfer interest in a patent to a licensee who can benefit from and enforce the intellectual property rights pixibit.net. | 2019

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Economies of scale In microeconomics economies of scale are the cost advantages that enterprises obtain due to their scale of operation with cost per unit of output decreasing with increasing scale pixibit.net. | 2019

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Exclusive rights An exclusive right or exclusivity is a  non-tangible prerogative existing in law that is the power or in a wider sense right to perform an action or acquire a benefit and to permit or deny others the right to perform the same action or to acquire the same benefit. pixibit.net. | 2019

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High capital investment Capital investments generally are made to increase operational capacity capture a larger share of the market and generate more revenue. This makes the business stand far from the competitors. pixibit.net. | 2019

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Proprietary technology Proprietary technology is any combination of processes tools or systems of interrelated connections that are the property of a business or someone. These combinations provide a benefit or competitive advantage to the owners of- proprietary technologies. pixibit.net. | 2019

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Excellent customer service Providing excellent customer service means going the extra mile in making sure a customer is happy and satisfied with a companys products or services. pixibit.net. | 2019

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Brand Equity Logic isnt often a factor. At Saatchi Saatchi we call it Loyalty Beyond Reason. ... It isnt possible for a brand to generate Loyalty Beyond Reason in its consumers if it isnt reliable or respected. It doesnt matter what you are selling -- toilet paper cookies cars or services pixibit.net. | 2019

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Brand Equity Brand equity means the value of having a well-known brand name based on the idea that the owner of a well-known brand name can generate more revenue simply from brand recognition that is from products with that brand name than from products with a less well known name as consumers believe that a product with a well-known name is better than products with less well-known names. pixibit.net. | 2019

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Thank you PIXIBIT.NET. | 2019

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