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Spray dryer:

Spray dryer By aaronequipment.com

What does a spray dryer do?:

A spray dryer is a drying machine used to process solutions, suspensions, or materials in a slurry state. A spray dryer is a kind of continuous atmospheric dryer which can be used to dry materials such as fuel , intermediates, soap powder, or inorganic salts , etc. What does a spray dryer do?

How Does it work?:

A spray dryer uses the spray method to transform the material into fog droplets in order to be dispersed into the hot gas stream. The material connects with the hot air in a cocurrent , countercurrent, or mixed flow manner so that the water can evaporate quickly to achieve the drying effect. How Does it work?

Industries using spray dryers:

Chemical Industry Petroleum Industry Mining Industry Industries using spray dryers

Advantages of Spray Drying:

The droplets are small, giving a large surface area for heat and mass transfer so that evaporation is very rapid. It can be used for drying heat sensitive or oxidized materials without degradation. It can be designed for drying under sterile conditions. Advantages of Spray Drying

Advantages of Spray Drying:

The dried powder will have a uniform particle size and shape. Because of good flow properties, the spray-dried powder can be easily compressed into the form of tablets. It is useful in the coating and encapsulation of both solids and liquids. Labor cost is low since the material is dried in a single operation with no handling. Advantages of Spray Drying


Solid materials cannot be dried. The equipment is very costly and bulky. Since the equipment is bulky, cleaning is time consuming. There is a lot of heat wasted. Disadvantages


Spray dryers are used for the drying of liquid materials like emulsion, suspension, solution, slurries, thin pastes, etc . Spray drying can be used to dry materials that are sensitive to heat or oxidation without degrading them, even when high temperature air is employed. The liquid feed is dispersed into droplets, which are dried in seconds because of their high surface area and intimate contact with the drying gas. Applications


The product is kept cool by the vaporization of the enveloping liquid, and the dried product is kept from overheating by rapid removal from the drying zone. The improvement in flow and reduction of air entrapment make the spray-dried material suitable for use in the manufacturing of tablets and capsules. Applications

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