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Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb : 

Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb By Danielle (Aakifah) Reed

Reverts to Islam… : 

Reverts to Islam… Muhammad Ali (boxer) Kareem Abdul-Jabar (basketball player) Malik El-Shabazz (aka Malcom X; left the Nation of Islam to follow true Islam after making the “hajj”, or pilgrimage to Mecca) Michael Wolfe (journalist, author) Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens, singer) Larry Johnson (basketball player) Mos Def (rapper) MC Ren (rapper) Dave Chappelle (comedian) And…………

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Prior to reversion…. : 

Prior to reversion…. Born 9 November 1846 in Hudson, NY Presbyterian family Abandoned religion in his teens Graduated from Claverack College Moved to Missouri and eventually became editor of Missouri Republican of St. Louis Married a widow with a daughter Two daughters and one son is born Received an appointment from President Cleveland to the post of Consul General at Manila; sent to the Philippines in 1887 with his family

Reversion : 

Reversion Upon arriving in the Philippines, Webb began reading books on Islam. Eventually, without having met a single Muslim himself, Mr. Webb embraces Islam in 1888.

Before returning to the United States… : 

Before returning to the United States… Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb met Badruddin Abdullah Kurr, who was a member of the Municiple Council of Bombay, and Hajjee Abdullah Arab, a wealthy merchant. The three agreed to work together for the propagation of Islam in America. Gives up his position as Consul General at Manila Before returning to the U.S., Mr. Webb toured India, Burma, Egypt, Turkey, China, and Arabia , giving speeches

Islam in America : 

Islam in America Returned to U.S. in 1892 or 1893, with his family, all of whom had reverted to Islam as well 12 May 1893, the first issue of The Moslem World appeared, which Webb was the editor, who stated the goal was: “…to teach the intelligent masses who and what Muhammad was, and what he really taught, and to overturn the fabric of falsehood and error that prejudiced and ignorant writers have been constructing and supporting for centuries against Islam.”

Islam in America (Cont'd.) : 

Islam in America (Cont'd.) The Moslem World was the first Islamic magazine published in America Established the American Moslem Brotherhood in NY in 1893 Began Islamic study circles in many major cities Chicago Philadelphia Washington Pittsburgh Cleveland Kansas City In a NY Times article on 6 Aug 1893, Webb was referred to as “the first American to take interest in Mohammedanism [Islam] and introduce it into this country.” Webb started the earliest documented masjid (typically called a mosque) in U.S. history, located in the Moslem World Building; 1893

Islam in America (Cont'd.) : 

Islam in America (Cont'd.) 10 Dec 1893, one of the earliest documented calls for Islamic congregational prayer; Occurred in NY at the Union Square Bank Building At 11:00 am, the adhan (call to prayer) could be heard over Union Square in NY God is greater (than...) (2x) I testify there is no god but God (Allah) (2x) I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of God (2x) Come to Prayer (2x) Come to success (2x) God is greater (than…) (1x) There is no god but God (1x)

Islam in America (Cont'd.) : 

Islam in America (Cont'd.) Only Muslim delegate at the first World Parliament of Religions in 1893 (Chicago) Parts of his “The Spirit of Islam” speech in Chicago: “I carried with me for years the same errors that thousands of Americans carry with them today. Those errors have grown into history, false history has influenced your opinion of Islam. It influenced my opinion of Islam and when I began, ten years ago, to study the Oriental religions, I threw Islam aside as altogether too corrupt for consideration.” “Now, let us see what the word Islam means. It is the most expressive word in existence for a religion. It means simply and literally resignation to the will of God. It means aspiration to God. The Muslem system is designed to cultivate all that is purest and noblest and grandest in the human character”

Islam in American (Cont’d.) : 

Islam in American (Cont’d.) “The Spirit of Islam” (cont’d.) “Caste lines are broken down entirely. We find on one occasion Omar, one of the most energetic and vigorous of his Caliphs, exchanged with his slave in riding on the camel. The daughters of Muhammad in the household would divide the time grinding corn with the slaves. The idea was taught ‘your slave is your brother.’ Social conditions make him your slave, but he is nonetheless your brother.”

Islam in America (Cont'd.) : 

Islam in America (Cont'd.) “The Spirit of Islam” (cont’d.) “The system is so thoroughly elastic, so thoroughly applicable to all the needs of humanity that it seems to me that it is exactly the system that we need in our country, and that is why I am here, that is why I am in the United States.” “In closing, I want to say this: that there is no system that has been so willfully and persistently misrepresented as Islam, both by writers of so-called history and by the newspaper press. There is no character in the whole range of history so little, so imperfectly understood as Muhammad.”

Failing of The Moslem World : 

Failing of The Moslem World Unfortunately, The Moslem World dissolved in 1894 Webb accused of squandering money meant for the propagation of Islam Webb also accused by an assistant, Nafeesa Keep, of not paying her and other staff members

Later Years : 

Later Years After his credibility was damaged, spent the rest of his life in East Rutherford, NJ Owned and edited another newspaper In 1901, he was appointed as honorary Turkish consul in NY due to his writings on Islam and on the Turkish and Armenian Wars. Died in 1916

Today : 

Today Some of Webb’s articles have been reprinted by Islamic companies Articles about Webb have appeared in the Islamic Circle of North America’s (ICNA) magazine A book made of notes and lectures by Webb, titled “Yankee Muslim” was published in 2007 Webb is said to be the first white American revert to Islam, and is considered one of the first Americans to publically endorse Islam The Mohammed Webb Foundation Began in March 2004 Site states: “Webb considered himself every bit an American whose Islamic convictions were in complete harmony with the best in his national heritage. Today, we are honored to help carry his legacy forward.”

Today (Cont’d.) : 

Today (Cont’d.) Estimated 2.35 - 7 million Muslims in the US (out of 301 million people)* Estimated 100,000 White Muslims (in North America and Europe) Majority of White Muslims are women who reverted Nearly 25% of Muslims in the US are reverts* 91% of Muslim reverts in America were born in the US Islam is the most racially diverse faith in the US: 35% are identify themselves as Black 28% are identify themselves as White 18 % are identify themselves as Asian 18% are identify themselves as “Other” 1% are identify themselves as Hispanic

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"This, your community, is one community, and I am your Lord, so worship Me."  --Qur'an 21:92

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