Military Standard Parts

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Military standard is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. At ASAP Fasteners we provide high quality military standard parts. Visit our website for more details


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Military Standard Parts:

Military Standard Parts


Military standard is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense. Standardization is beneficial in achieving interoperability, ensuring products meet certain requirements, commonality, reliability, total cost of ownership, compatibility with logistics systems, and similar defense-related objectives . Defense standards are also used by other non-defense government organizations, technical organizations, and industry. This article discusses definitions, history, and usage of defense standards.

Test Connectors:

Test Connectors Part Number Manufacturer MST3-ASSOR Hirschmann Electronics MST3-BLACK Hirschmann Electronics MST3-RED Hirschmann Electronics


Terminals Lugs Splices Part Number Manufacturer MS25036-113 Te Connectivity/Amp MS25036-157 Te Connectivity/Amp MS20659-108 Te Connectivity/Amp


Terminal Connectors Part Number Manufacturer MS25036-125 Molex MS272494B1 Keystone Electronics Corp MS272494B2 Keystone Electronics Corp


Terminals-PC Pin Receptacles Sockets Part Number Manufacturer MS02 Itt Cannon MS04 Cirrus Logic Inc MS07 Itt Cannon

Other Important Parts:

Other Important Parts Part Number Part Type MS27558-8 Glenair Inc MS-166-HRM Hirose Connector MSP2006 Itt Cannon

About ASAP Fasteners:

About ASAP Fasteners ASAP Fasteners Parts is a complete and comprehensive purchasing resource for the most commonly used hardware and fasteners. It is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor. ASAP Fasteners parts offers complete supply chain management services to all of its customers to simplify procurement of all aerospace components with time and cost savings. Fasteners are widely used in all kind of machines and instruments. We provide wide range of fasteners from all top manufacturer. We are reliable source of parts for user seeking parts conforming to precise information.

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Top Manufacturers

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