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Arrowsol Technologies provides Quality SAP FICO online training with real time domain experts.


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SAP FICO ONLINE TRAINING At Arrowsol Technologies…

What is sap fico?:

What is sap fico? SAP FICO is mainly designed for the financial part of the organizations. It mainly deals with accounts payables, account receivables etc… SAP FICO consists of two parts: FI: Financial (deals the bills &payments) CO: Controlling (access to management)


SAP FICO COURSE CONTENT: SAP Overview SAP Navigation Management Empowered by SAP ERP Management empowered by SAP ERP Financials Financial Accounting Master Data Chart of accounts G/L account Reconciliation accounts Account groups Customer and vendor accounts Bank accounts/bank keys


CONTENT Document and Posting Control Document types and number ranges Posting keys and field status groups Posting periods Posting authorizations Default values Document changes, change control Tolerance groups and payment differences Cross-company code transactions Document reversal Incoming and outgoing payments Cash discount and payment conditions Taxes Clearing (manual and automatic) Payment differences Foreign currencies and exchange rate differences Cash journal


CONTENT Special General Ledger Transactions, Document Parking, Substitution and Validation Special G/L transactions using the example of payment and guarantee of payment Special G/L classes and types Customizing of different special G/L transactions “Park document” versus “hold document” Basics of document parking Processing parked documents Substitution Validation


CONTENT Payment Program, Dunning Program, Correspondence, Interest Calculation Payment program configuration Executing the payment run Creating payment media Dunning program configuration Executing the dunning run and printing the dunning notice Correspondence configuration Creating correspondence Interest calculation configuration Executing the interest calculation run Evaluation Options in Reporting Drilldown reporting in Financial Accounting  List Viewer Info system and ABAP reports in General Ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting


CONTENT Closing Operations in Financial Accounting Month-end and year-end closing  Balance sheet/P&L structure & reporting Receivables and payables Profit and loss Technical, organizational and documentary steps Asset Accounting Organizational structures Master data Asset transactions (for example, asset acquisition, retirement, and transfer)  Periodic processing in Asset Accounting Using the information system


CONTENT The New General Ledger Activation and the idea of the New General Ledger New characteristics in FI Scenarios and scenario assignment Document splitting Real-time integration CO => FI Reporting with (new) FI standard drilldown reporting TR (Treasury) Cash Management (TR – CM) Loans Management (TR – LM) Market Risk Management (TR – MRM) Treasury Management (TR – TM) Funds Management (TR – FM) Information System


CONTENT SAP (BANKING) Cheque processing Account transfer Other bank related applications


CONTROLLING CONTENT: Cost Center Accounting / Profit Center Accounting Organizational units Master data cost elements, cost centers, activity types and statistical key figures Cross-mater data functions Recording primary postings Adjustment postings Direct activity allocation Accrual calculation Periodic reposting Distribution Assessment Reconciliation ledger Introduction to planning in Management Accounting Planning methods in cost center planning Integrated plan allocation cycle Profit center master data Profit center assignment

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Overhead Cost Orders Real and statistical orders Master data maintenance Status management for overhead cost orders Transaction-based posting within and outside Management Accounting Commitments management Overhead rates on overhead cost orders Billing for overhead cost orders Budgeting and availability control Material Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure Material master– fields relevant to costing Single-step unit costing Multiple-step unit costing Base object costing and simulation costing


CONTROLLING CONTENT Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure Costing variant Cost component split Overhead costing sheet BOM Task list BOM and task list determination Price update Create costing run Analyses and error handling Refined Costing Functions  Transfer control Group costing Additive costs Costing co-products

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Cost Object Accounting: Make-to-Stock Production with Periodic Controlling Product cost collector Decoupling scenarios Preliminary costing on cost object Simultaneous costing on cost object Period-end closing for periodic Controlling Cost Object Controlling: Make-to-Stock Production with Order Controlling Cost objects with order view Preliminary costing of cost objects Simultaneous costing Period-end closing with order Controlling Cost Object Controlling: Sales-Order-Related Production Sales order as cost object Preliminary costing of sales order Simultaneous costing of sales order Delivery and billing documents Period-end closed with product cost by sales order


content Profitability Analysis Structures of Profitability Analysis Characteristics and value fields Transaction data tables Characteristic derivation Valuation Transfer billing data Assessment of cost center costs Billing for orders Integration with sd ,mm &hr.

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