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Arrowsol Technologies Provides SAN ONLINE TRAINING with best industry experts.


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By Arrowsol Technologies SAN ONLINE TRAINING

What is a storage area network?:

What is a storage area network? SAN helps in the data storage in a storage device in a particular place and allows faster access to the multiple users accessing the data. It stores the data in blocks.  A SAN typically has its own network of storage devices that are generally not accessible through the local area network by other devices.

Difference between SAN and NAS:

Difference between SAN and NAS SAN: STORAGE AREA NETWORK NAS: NETWORK ATTACHED STORAGE NAS uses file-based protocols such as  NFS,where it is clear that the storage is remote and computers request a portion of an abstract file rather than a disk block What is the best way to get SAN training? Arrowsol Technologies provides SAN training with expert trainers.


SAN COURSE CONTENT: Introduction to Storage Technology   Concept of Data Concept of Data How big is the Digital Universe? Types of Data Evolution of storage concept What is Storage Networking about? Data Center Infrastructure Storage System Environment   Host, Connectivity, and Storage Storage Media and Devices

SAN Course Content:

SAN Course Content S torage I/O interfaces   Overview ATA Technology Serial ATA Technology SCSI Technology Serial Attached SCSI Storage Networking Architecture Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Network Attached Storage (NAS) Storage Area Network (SAN) Comparing Solutions RAID and Subsystem Architecture Subsystem Architecture RAID Concept RAID Level 0,1,3,5,10,01,50 RAID level comparison matrix

SAN Course Content:

SAN Course Content Fiber Channel Technology Introduction , Advantages FC protocol Architecture FC SAN topologies Fabric Service Fabric Services Zoning LUN Masking and Mapping iSCSI Protocol Architecture The iSCSI Standards iSCSI Applications Protocol structure Storage Resource Management Information Life Cycle management

SAM Course Content:

SAM Course Content Storage Product Introduction EMC Clariion Dot Hill Assured UVS Storage Testing Process QA methodologies Test life cycle & SDLC Test Plan Test Cases Defect management process Bug reporting/Defect logging Storage testing methodologies Procedures and Tools used IOmeter ; IOZone ; Mem , IO-Simulators Lab:  NAS implementation iSCSI SAN implementation

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