How Does A Prophet Operate

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Walking In Your Destiny Mentorship School:

Walking In Your Destiny Mentorship School How Does A Prophet Operate?

The Prophet’s Tools:

The Prophet’s Tools Visions – open divine communication Dreams – divine communication received while asleep Symbols – emblems, objects, pictures that must be translated and usually represent what the Lord is saying through the prophet Parables – communication of prophecy using stories

The Prophet’s Tools:

The Prophet’s Tools Words of wisdom – releasing the wisdom of God through a prophetic release Words of knowledge – releasing something unknown to a person from the Lord Prophecy, prediction & revelation – unveiling hidden truths Divine decrees – releasing words based on the commands of the Lord

The Prophet’s Tools:

The Prophet’s Tools Declarations and commands – provoking the will of God to overthrow works of darkness to alter the normal course of events Intercessory prayer – intervening with God, prophetically praying through the will of God Supernatural intervention – positioning oneself through prayer, service and sacrifice to reverse the enemy’s assault Spiritual watch care – patrolling and stationing yourself in your assigned prophetic sphere to guard and prosper the area

The Prophet’s Tools:

The Prophet’s Tools Spiritual guardianship – encircling a territory by divine assignment as the supernatural power force to stay the hands of judgment and obstruct demonic infiltration Praise war – conducting formal and informal spiritual worship sessions to activate or stir up the prophet to do battle


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