ZX Spectrum


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A brief presentation on the history and specifications of the ZX Spectrum home computer


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ZX Spectrum : 

ZX Spectrum From Sinclair Research Ltd By Paul Myers

ZX Spectrum 16 & 48K : 

ZX Spectrum 16 & 48K

Inception : 

Inception Sir Clive Sinclair Predecessor : ZX81

Why a spectrum? : 

Why a spectrum? Set up Games

Of special Note: : 

Of special Note: Rubber keys Peripherals

Inside the machine: : 

Inside the machine: Zilog Z80 CPU Richard Altwasser

Colour: : 

Colour: Hungry Horace Saboteur Commando Chuckie Egg

Conclusion: : 

Who developed the ZX Spectrum and when it was released. Established the UK mass market. Established a huge market in software development. Provided an ecosystem for peripheral manufacturers. Responsible for development of home PC market. Conclusion:

References: : 

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