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Federal skilled worker program for Canada Immigration. You want to apply for Canada Immigration Program using the Federal skilled worker program. This is the most accepted immigration program in the whole skilled worker program. You can know more click link


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How to Apply Canada PR Visa from India Do you want to relocate to Canada with a Permanent Resident Visa This is indeed a great selection. Getting Canada PR is a no longer difficult to anyone. Express Entry Program makes it really easy to apply and acquire Canada PR visa. Permanent residency PR Visa is allotted for a period of five years and Express Entry program is the best and the easiest way to attain the PR status. Check step by step process of Apply Canada PR Visa below: ➢ Stage 1 – Education Credential Assessment ECA: The purpose of the Education Credential Assessment ECA through is to checkwhether the foreign Education is equivalent to the Canadian benchmark or not to be able to work in Canada. Check ECA Processing Time ➢ Stage 2 – IELTS Language Ability Report: This is a very crucial and important stage in the Express entry application. Scoring CLB-9 or above gives helps boost the overall CRS score IELTS Score required for Canada PR Visa.

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➢ Stage 3 – Submit Express Entry Application: After one has both the above mentioned documents you are ready to submit your online applicationfor any of the categories mentioned below. ➢ Federal Skilled Worker Program. ➢ Canadian Experienced Class. ➢ Federal Skilled Trades Program. ➢ Provincial Nominee Program. ➢ Stage 4 – CRS Scores: CRS score is the deciding factor for receiving the invitation to apply for Canada Immigration. Once your profile has been created in Express Entry pool the profile will be assigned a score based on the information provided. To check your CRS score refer Points Calculator System. ➢ Stage 5- Wait for Express Entry Draw: After completing the application procedure you have to wait for the Express Entry draws. If your CRS score is the same and above the cut-off then you will get an Invitation to Apply from the IRCC. ➢ Stage 6- Invitation to Apply or Nomination Certificate: After getting the ITA you can apply for PR visawithin 60 days. ➢ Stage 7- Documents you need to collect for Submitting for PR visa: ➢ Identity Proof ➢ Educational Qualification Documents ➢ Work Experience ➢ Valid Passport ➢ Your recent photographs ➢ Job offer letter from Canadian Employer if any ➢ And other documents as per requirement. Apply for PNP:

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If you don’t get a high score in the CRS system then Provincial Nomination Programs PNPs are the next best option to attain the PR status. To know more about this program click here Provincial Nominee Program PNP – In this the PR status is acquired by the aspiring candidate through the eligibility criteria being met for each province. The qualifying criteria for every province are different and the PR status for that province is received for which the eligibility is sought. To know about the eligibility criterion of every province you can either talk to our immigration expert. Canada Permanent Resident Visa ➢ What is Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Card ➢ Benefits of Having a PR Card ➢ What is Canada PR points System ➢ Canada PR Visa Occupation list 2018 ➢ Canada PR Visa Processing Time ➢ What is Canadian Permanent Resident Visa Card The Permanent Residency PR status is like identification for all the people from outside Canadawho are allowed to reside in The Maple country Thus it could be considered as a permission document issued by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC that is the government of Canada. A PR card holder is able to enjoy all the benefits of a regular citizen without restrictions.A PR card is valid for up to five years after which you should either apply for full citizenshipor seek to have your PR status renewed. Benefits of Being a Permanent Resident: Find below the Benefits a Permanent Resident enjoys: ➢ Sponsor eligible family members ➢ Apply for Canadian Citizenship ➢ Freedom to work anywhere and in any company in the country or Province according to the visa subclass

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➢ Access to subsidized education Social Security services and benefits. 1. Social security to the people unable to work due to disability or to those who can’t find work. 2. Basic pension 3. subsidized lodging for low income individuals 4. Worker’s compensation 5. Unemployment insurance 6. Subsidy on medication for low income people up to 98 7. Free courses for job search training 8. Subsidized private nurseries What is Canada PR Point System There are two major point systems that are to be followed for Canada PR Visa. Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator and Expres s Entry Point Calculator based on factors such as age educational qualification work experience language proficiency adaptability etc.

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These points’ calculators were designed tosegregate themost credible applicants for entry as per their credentials. The minimum points required to qualify under any federal skilled categories is 67 out of 100. Canada PR Visa Processing Time. Processing time for a Canadian PR depends upon a number of factors such as nationality application type category chosen etc. There are many programs that you can apply through and the processing time varies for each category. The average time taken for private citizens lies between 6 to 12 months. Click link know all Information Direct talk to Immigration Consultant +91-9899146637/ 011-46780007

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