How to develop yourself as a Human Resources Practitioner

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How to develop yourself as a Human Resources Practitioner? :

How to develop yourself as a Human Resources Practitioner?


Human resources (HR) management is one of the most important functions of a business enterprise and is a significant disciplinary area within the study of business management . An HR job is consistently ranked by experts as one of the most important areas of the job market based on the nature of the job, the satisfaction derived from it, the pay roll and other employment benefits. But what does it take to make a good HR professional ?


An easy and effective yardstick to judge a good HR professional is through the help of an effective mapping system which combines eight behavioural skills to be shown at 10 different professional areas over four bands of professional competence. The eight behavioural skills of HR professional are: Curiosity Decisive thinking Skilled at influencing people Personal credibility Willingness to collaborate Drive to deliver Courage to challenge Ability to be a role model


These qualities must combine successfully to serve some important professional areas. The 10 professional areas are: Employee relationship Employee engagement Service delivery and information Organization design Organization development Resourcing and talent planning Learning and talent development Performance and rewards Leading the HR team and Planning strategies and solutions



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