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EwA - Engagement with AIESEC


Why? To go close to the organizational BHAG – “Engage and develop every single young person in the world.” To increase our reach and relevance.


What? The Engagement with AIESEC is an opportunity for a young person to get introduced and interact with AIESEC. This includes any way in which a person engages with AIESEC, without having joined or experienced one of AIESEC’s ELD programmes.


How? Different ways to engage: Recruit people for specific projects Involve people in onsite OC Implementing own ideas through AIESEC platform Deliver sessions to an audience ( Content should involve why, what and how of AIESEC ) Virtual Engagement Endless other innovative ways

Bigger picture:

Bigger picture Google = Googlers + Google Employees ( Googlers = Those who use google platform) AIESEC = Members + The engaged (Enablers) (Participants)


Scope Our student market: IIT KGP NIT Jamshedpur Schools and colleges of: Jamshedpur Ranchi Balasore Haldia


Innovate.Ideate.Implement Innovation Process: Consider IIT KGP market. Keep in mind the various student sectors in IIT KGP. Consider the various clubs and organizations. Come up with Projects or ideas to engage more IITians in AIESEC in anyway which you feel would be effective. Keep in mind that you can engage them physically and virtually also.


Format Necessary elements: Define the WHAT of your idea. Describe the HOW of your idea. Mention the time-line. Estimate the out-reach of the idea. Expected output or the final achievement of your idea in terms of AIESEC’s business.

We WIN. We WIN. We WIN.:

We WIN. We WIN. We WIN. Winning criterion: Feasibility of the idea Out-reach of the idea Presentation of the idea (Everyone in the team has to speak) Future benefits and Business implications of the idea.

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