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Audubon, Iowa Ready to be a Blue Zone Community

Audubon County Courthouse:

Audubon County Courthouse

Wheel at Audubon High School:

Wheel at Audubon High School

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Audubon School system has received grant money for a PR 4 Life program encouraging activity and healthy habits throughout life. The school collaborates with the community on events such as the fun run sponsored by the Lions’ Club and the rock climbing wall in the grade school.

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Audubon Main Street

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Audubon Public Library John James Audubon Stature in City Park

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Audubon Birdwalk

Audubon Community Swimming Pool:

Audubon Community Swimming Pool

Site of new recreation center:

Site of new recreation center

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Audubon Churches

Audubon’s largest employer:

Audubon’s largest employer

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Friendship Home

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Award winning Audubon County Memorial Hospital

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One of Audubon’s largest employers

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Elementary School playground Audubon High School

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Audubon City government consists of a mayor and five member Council. The City Clerk handles the daily business for the Council and Mayor. Council meetings are held twice a month in the Council Room at the Memorial Building.

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The Audubon Chamber of Commerce office is conveniently located on the highway as you come into town. The same building houses the Audubon County Economic Development offices and a meeting room.

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City of Audubon’s First Habitat for Humanity House 2011

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The T-Bone Trail is a 21 mile hiking/biking trail through Audubon County.

ACMH Life Fitness Center:

ACMH Life Fitness Center

Elderbridge Agency on Aging exercise class at the Senior Center:

Elderbridge Agency on Aging exercise class at the Senior Center

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Audubon’s Vision A community that exemplifies the wholesomeness in rural living making Audubon a desirable place to visit, build a business and call home Audubon is ready to be a Blue Zone!

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